The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler

Publication Date: October 18, 2011


The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry EislerIn The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) by Barry Eisler, Colonel Scott “Hort” Horton tracks Rain down in Tokyo and gives him an offer he can’t refuse, a massive payoff for the natural-looking deaths of high-level politicians who are plotting the destruction of the U.S. Rain brings the irrepressible Dox to the party while Hort sends in two of his operatives, Ben Treven and Larison. The men must make some tough decisions to stay alive when they realize that all is not as it seems. The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) is the 7th book in the John Rain Series.


The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) is billed as part of the John Rain series but really is a coming together of Eisler’s Rain and Treven series. This is an interesting dichotomy for me. I LOVE the Rain series. John Rain is one of the more beautifully crafted characters in the mystery/thriller genre and is balanced wonderfully by the reckless magic that is Dox. I HATE the Ben Treven series. Ben is a douche waffle of the highest degree. When I first read the series I saw it as Eisler’s attempt to market his good looks and well-written sex of the Rain series into a romance thriller market. He’d gotten a lot of attention from the romance commentators, and he seems to be an author who likes to make readers happy. Really, if you’re not writing to entertain, why are you writing? You may be reading this and saying, “Did you expect Rain when you read Treven? Is that why you hated it so much?” That is one possible explanation and has been suggested before, but I think it’s also that I do read romantic thrillers, and I know good romantic thrillers and Treven is not a good romantic thriller.

Given my feeling for the series, The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) really could have gone either way. As it happens, I loved it. What I loved, even more, is that the Treven character makes sense to me in this novel. I don’t think it gives anything away to tell you that Treven is an idiot in this book, and it does seem to be by design. Perhaps I should have trusted Eisler more when reading the Treven series instead of grumbling about how such a brilliant author turned so … less than brilliant.

The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers) contains the obvious elements you have with John Rain. Rain is hyper-aware of his environment. The steps he takes could really drag the narrative down, but Eisler manages to make those extra observation points read as action, so that the story flows. Rain is true to the character of the early books and while Delilah is missed (read Paris Is A Bitch – A Rain/Delilah Short Story), she really wouldn’t have had a place in The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers).

Dox fans will love this read; this very special character is in rare form. Our hearts broke for the character in Requiem For An Assassin (John Rain Thrillers), but I fell for him all over again in The Detachment (John Rain Thrillers). We see a softness and empathy from him to temper his humor that is seldom matched in characters of this genre. Dox has experienced the bad and has grown from the pain and fear.

Eisler also brings back Kanesaki, which in the book takes place mostly in the U.S., would have been easy not to do, but I love that he did it. I’ve always wondered if this isn’t the character that Eisler based on himself. He’s well realized and a bit out of his depth but certainly willing to help Rain in any way he can.

This was a happy read with a good friend after a long absence Requiem For An Assassin (John Rain Thrillers) was released in 2007), which may seem odd to say of a book with so much violence. I dare you to read this novel and to walk away without a smile on your face. The next book cannot be released quickly enough. I highly recommend the John Rain series to anyone who likes mysteries and thriller.

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