My Kindle – A Tragedy

My_Kindle I was one of those people who took a long time to go to e-books. How could I possibly get the same experience with a piece of plastic? Would I have the same connection? After seeing the wealth of ebooks that are not at the $40 price point I was paying in Canada for hardcovers, my cheap soul decided that maybe e-books and I were meant to be. I downloaded a .mobi reader to my Blackberry and, sad to say, from that moment on was hooked. I loved being able to have all the lights off and to sit in silence and be alone with my e-book. Which e-reader to buy? The choice was easy, I have had problems buying books from Barnes and Noble (as I’m in Canada) and friends had complained about Kobo, so Kindle seemed the obvious choice. November 2011 when the plunge was taken, I bought a Kindle Keyboard (touch screens should not be allowed. Fingerprints drive me insane) and my soulmate and I were finally together. Together forever—or so I thought.


Last week I picked up my precious Kindle to read a book for review and noticed hairline cracks down at the corners of the screen. As any thinking person would, I’d bought the replacement plan so wasn’t worried about the aesthetic nature of my precious but how the cracks might extend over time. I carry my beloved in my purse everyday to grab those few moments at work or wherever I might to read. Research showed me that the Kindle Keyboard’s design flaw is that the cracks will happen. Keyboard is a version that holds up much better if it doesn’t travel.

After much soul searching and some final hugs to my Kindle Keyboard, I have traded Kindles with my 10-year-old daughter. She’s had her eye on the keyboard version from the moment I bought it and my special (and missed) lighted cover. I am now the proud possessor of a Kindle Touch. The adjustment period will take time but the hope is that I come to love it as much as the keyboard.

The biggest bonus is that I’ve gone from 229 books waiting to be read on my Kindle to 1. I will learn from the downloading mistakes I made before and, hopefully, keep this one a bit more organized.

Katherine White

I hope it is not true with all the Kindle keyboards not traveling well. I’ve had mine, in it’s lighted cover, for two years now and it goes everywhere I go. I don’t think I could move to the touch screen version easily.


I am jealous. I wish mine had been so sturdy. The touch and I are getting used to each other but not in love. I’m already starting to think ahead to the next device.

Oleg Medvedkov

I am sorry to hear that… Well, I am sure you’ll get used to the touchscreen. Eventually. Now, I actually read most Kindle books on iPad and can’t imagine how else it could be done anymore. And yes, I keep wiping the screen clean like every 20 minutes 😛

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