Steal this Resume by Mark Petterson

Publication Date: July 25, 2012


Steal this Resume by Mark PettersonSteal this Resume by Mark Petterson is a how-to handbook for writing the perfect resume and cover letter. This detailed 914-page handbook provides a helping guide for resumes for people looking for jobs in any field.




The author, Mark Petterson, provided a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

It may seem an odd choice to review a book about how to write a resume. When the author contacted me, I immediately gravitated to this topic. I first started working in 1985 and have since had a multitude of jobs. Twenty-eight years of life experience and skill makes for hard choices in what to include on a resume. In the course of my current job, I see a number of resumes. I live and work in an area with a very high rate of unemployment. It would be a kindness to have the ability to point job seekers in a direction that would make them more competitive. Steal this Resume is a book that I will absolutely recommend.

Mark Petterson encourages readers to view the job search as a sales call. The job seeker is selling themselves so a resume wants to hit the high points so that a prospective employer will immediately see what they’ll gain by hiring the applicant over the competition. In places like Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan where the market is improving but unemployment is still high, an applicant must stand out and what better way than with a professional and polished resume?

Steal this Resume is laid out in a format of the job you want. Want a job in accounting? Petterson has a sample resume for you. Education? He’s got you covered. Peterson also includes samples of cover letters. I have never gotten the hang of the cover letter. Cover letters are the first impression. How much should I say? Petterson gives sample letters that will entice any executive or human resources screener.

To be fair, anyone needing this reasonably priced resource will go to exactly the field that best fits the job for which they’re applying. Hence the title, Steal this Resume. I found value in Petterson’s approach to the job search at the start of the book and also in the reports at the end about coming trends in employment. This is a book that I wish was available years ago. It would have been my employment bible. If you don’t have a Kindle never fear, Amazon and Nook both have readers for PC, Android and Apple. If you’re looking for a job, you can’t go wrong with this low-cost resource. Also, if you know someone who is ready to enter the workforce or is looking to make a job change, give them the gift of Steal this Resume. You will not regret the decision.

Mark Petterson has been a professional resume writer for over 20 years. Steal this Resume is a compilation of his 500 best resumes and cover letters. 

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