You’ve Got This! by Dale Barr

Publication Date: October 24, 2014


You’ve Got This! by Dale BarrDale Barr, a certified health and wellness coach and teaches readers how to control their weight by changing the way they think of weight loss and by taking look at their lives. You’ve Got This! by Dale Barr is a self-help book.





The author, Dale Barr, gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

I’m not much of a self-help book person but if I were, You’ve Got This! is the sort of self-help book I’d read. Conversationally arranged, Barr first builds a bond with readers and the gives them a 30-day-dose of common sense and attitude changing insight to help with the process of rethinking the way they’ve approached their existence with the latter portion a guide in dealing with those off days we all have. This is a book with a clear view that we are humans and it’s easy for us to fall off the horse, but essential to get back on again if we’re to stay on track.

Barr’s approach is no-nonsense without being preachy. Barr has been where you are and she knows you can do it and the way that you’ll accomplish your goal is to maintain a spirit of capability rather than defeat. The approach in convincing her audience is to maintain an air of approachability. A feeling of sitting at the kitchen table with a really supportive friend. Going with that theme are some of Barr’s more creative ideas. For example, gift wrapping cheat-day foods so that when you have them they’re extra special gifts for yourself.

You’ve Got This! is a friendly and easy to use guide with quite practical advice. Barr addresses guilt readers with active family lives and responsibilities may experience putting themselves first.You’ve Got This! is written in a “we’re all this together” kind of way that will make readers realize that whatever you’re experiencing and whatever difficulties you face, there are others there too.

As stated, I’m not a self-help book person but if I were, this is the self-help book I’d use. My husband and I are actually about to start our own weight loss journey and You’ve Got This! will be at my side, helping me with my approach to the changes.

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