Playing Charlie Cool by Laurie Boris

Publication Date: September 30, 2014


Playing Charlie Cool by Laurie BorisIn Playing Charlie Cool by Laurie Boris Charlie Trager has a great family that supports him in everything he does. Adam Joshua Goldberg, Charlie’s boyfriend, doesn’t have the same generous loving support. Josh has an ex in progress trying to work her way into perfect position to destroy everything Joshua loves and that’s not something Charlie can allow. Can Charlie and Josh find a happily ever after with everyone in their lives?

Playing Charlie Cool by Laurie Boris is the third book in the Trager Family Series.

The author, Laurie Boris, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

There is a beautiful sweetness in the writing of Laurie Boris. Her characters are imbued with a deep down goodness that’s endearing to read. They don’t always do the best or the easiest things, but deep inside what we see of them, there’s true pain and true joy and a human emotion where they leap from the page. The author warned me that “Playing Charlie Cool” is the third book in an ongoing series but felt that it would work well as a stand-alone and I must agree that she is correct.P laying Charlie Cool is a complete and well-worked story that introduced this reader to wonderfully sweet characters that I’d like to follow for a long time to come.

Charlie was written in such a way that he felt like someone I’ve known and liked forever. He tries to be slightly cynical and keep the edge but deep down he wants what we all want. Charlie is deeply in love with Josh but what if he’s the rebound? No one stays with the rebound, right? Charlie is a fighter and he’s going to do what he has to do to earn the best possible outcome, but if the result is to be the secret that’s kept while his boyfriend pursues politics is that simply too much to contemplate?

Playing Charlie Cool is well written with an even flow. The feel of the story is of consistent action but Boris doesn’t skimp where plot points and characters require depth. It would be easy to turn the ex into an irrational shrew without the cost to her, of a life she thought was going well, falling apart but Boris makes her someone really trying to do what she thinks is best. There could be something more insidious and dark in Josh, but there’s a vulnerability in what readers see of his character that leaves us unsure of what he thinks is his best life move.

As much as the story is about Josh’s coming out experience and making decisions about where his life will go, Playing Charlie Cool is a perfectly charming romance novel. Normally the way Charlie and Josh connected would be a turn-off for this reader and that children are involved is not an easy thing to reconcile. Josh is torn between ambition and love. Does anyone really give up everything they’ve ever wanted for someone they love? Is it ever realistic for someone whose lifestyle doesn’t coincide with mainstream America to have it all?

[Playing Charlie Cool is a wonderful read. I liked the smooth flow, the great writing, the clever plotting and the wonderful characters. If you like people for whom you’ll cheer, Playing Charlie Cool could be your perfect read. Laurie Boris in skill and execution could stand proud against any of the best-selling romance authors today.

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I’m looking forward to reading more of these characters. I love the not always good and not always bad general sweetness of them.

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