Timer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella by Marc Horn

Publication Date: March 24, 2015


MH_Timer_Episode_01What would you do if you knew how many years you had left to live? In an After Timer world, people know exactly how their choices impact their longevity. Connor only has two years left on his timer. Is starting a relationship the right thing to do? With a Grim Reaper type of serial killer on the loose killing those with timers about to expire? D.I. Frank Stewart must work to find the killer and his next victims.



I received Timer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella (Timer: Gripping Sci-Fi Thrillers) free on Smashwords.

“Stereotyping will be the death of man.” (Page 11) Before readingTimer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella (Timer: Gripping Sci-Fi Thrillers), I would have told you that I hated serial fiction. I dislike the idea of an incomplete story leaving me hanging. I have in the past only read serial fiction when it was either fully or near complete. In Episode 1, Horn introduces the idea of the Timer — a shining display for all to see of the time a person has left to live. Horn also writes a solid romance of Connor, who has two years left on his Timer and Keely, the former prostitute he loves.

I’m a big fan of Marc Horn’s work. His stories and characters tend to be raw and brash and frequently shocking. In Timer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella (Timer: Gripping Sci-Fi Thrillers) Horn uses a softer hand in the drawing of the incurably romantic Connor and his philosophically intelligent love, Keely. The characters are gentle cynics but willing to test the odds of love in the time of deadlines. While such gentle characters may not seem Horn’s speed, he draws them with a delicacy and care that lends itself to the reality of young love in a time of brutal certainty.

The overriding serial killer plot line is intriguing. Why target people whose timers have almost run down? We know that the Timers just appeared one day but where did they come from? In one scene, Connor and Keely are browsing a shop and see shirts specifically designed for the Timer and comment on the commercialism. Humanity will always find a way to make a buck and morbid Timers are no impediment to the bottom dollar. If you have two years left, why not run up a debt? Why not indulge? What if when you do, you gain years? Horn has crafted a story that is at once certain and still full of surprises. His story is full of insight into the culture and how humans react. This is an author who has thought a lot about how to make the implausible, plausible.

[Timer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella (Timer: Gripping Sci-Fi Thrillers) is a well-thought-out story that is sure to only get better. Horn’s clean writing style lends itself well in building tension that carries over multiple storylines. Will D.I. Frank Stewart stop the serial killer? Where did the Timers come from? The story from Episode 1 could go anywhere but the fires of interest have been built. I’m really looking forward to seeing where Horn goes next.

If you like stories of mystery and intrigue, Timer: Season 1, Episode 1 Novella (Timer: Gripping Sci-Fi Thrillers) by Marc Horn is the story for you.

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Marc Horn is a former airborne soldier. His first novel The Mortal Religion received a rave review on this website. Click here to read the review. For more reading check out my review of his book Persona and Cuffed. The Mortal Religion was awarded in the headlining of E-thriller.com’s Thriller of the Month — April 2013. For more information about Marc Horn and his work, connect with him on GoodreadsFacebook, Google+ and Twitter @MarcHornWriter.

Ellie Campbell

What a great idea. Sounds like a fabulous read. Only yesterday I was thinking what if we all had our ages displayed on our forehead. Ugh. The very thought. This is a fascinating idea. Look forward to reading. Thanks Tammy.

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