Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking

Release Date: January 4, 2011



Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking are miniseries exploring the wonder of the universe. From the search for aliens to our own existence to time travel, Hawking leads viewers on a wondrous ride through the world beyond.







Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking is science-tainment. As a viewer, I have no special knowledge of theoretical astrophysics. Like most people, I watched the original “Cosmos” and the newer version hosted by the amazing Neil De Grasse Tyson.

Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking is in the spirit of those informative shows. Featuring animated enhancement and connected episodes the scientific and sometimes fantasy episodes are easy to follow. The miniseries, which is mostly illustration and animation, watched in a few sittings, can feel quite repetitive but the informative and entertaining format will drive viewers to happily absorb the wealth of knowledge.

Organized into three segments; the potential of life elsewhere, the plausibility of time travel and everything else (scientific principles, how the world might end and how we might go on when it does) may not be the topics a viewer would expect a man of great science knowledge to explore but his exploration is truly fascinating.

People of special religious conviction may be somewhat offended by Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking. Hawking has not made a secret of the fact that he is especially unconvinced of the existence of a higher power. Dr. Hawking’s approach to theoretical astrophysics and his commitment to making the ideas accessible to the common man in an age where we generally want to know more about the universe beyond our small sphere is timely.

Benedict Cumberbatch steps in as the voice of Dr. Hawking for much of the miniseries. His smooth and sophisticated delivery was a wonderful addition to the work. Known now mostly for his role on the hit television show, “Sherlock,” Cumberbatch’s voice is unmistakable. Let’s face it, Dr. Hawking is a brilliant man but I’d rather listen to Benedict Cumberbatch for 8 hours any day of the week.

I would have loved for 13-year-old Alex to watch this miniseries, but time did not permit. If you have a youngster interested in science, life on other planets, time travel and general principals, Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking is the perfect vehicle for them to understand and to enrich their young minds.

If you’re interested in theoretical astrophysics and the universe, be sure to pick up this wonderful miniseries.

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For more information about the scientist, Stephen Hawking, visit his website. You can connect with him on Goodreads and Facebook.


Title Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
Actor Stephen Hawking
Director Darlow Smithson Productions Limited
Length 2 hours and 15 minutes
Rating PG
Released January 4, 2011

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