Rabid Reader’s Reviews — Towel Day Event 2015

May 25, 2015















This year—for the third year running—Rabid Reader’s Reviews and RangeWoman Inc. present the Towel Day Event. A thank you to all participants. For blog entries, photos and artwork check out Rowan’s a.k.a. RangeWoman Inc. blog.



Read the book review of Philosophy & The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Nicholas Joll.

Also, check out Rowan’s a.k.a. RangeWoman Inc. page as she revisits the Hitchhiker’s Guide and Philosophy: An Interview about Adams, Kant and more with Nicholas Joll.




May the 25th is not only Towel Day but since 2010 also the Discworld’s Wear Lilac Day. As a tribute to the Discworld author Terry Pratchett who died this year, we reviewed the movie, Going Postal.




For readers: Take time to check out the review my science fiction author D.L. Morrese. He took the time to review Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal on his blog.




M_SH_Into_The_UniverseRead the review of the exciting DVD Into the Universe by Stephen Hawkins.





Take the opportunity to get to know new authors:

We put together a list of authors that will have their book available for free downloading either/or on Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, iTunes and Smashwords. For more information check out our Free E-book Downloads for Towel Day 2015.







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