Oh Shit, I’m Dead! by G.R. Williams

Publication Date: November 30, 2013


Oh Shit, I'm Dead by G.R. Williams

In the novel, Oh Shit, I’m Dead! by G.R. Williams, readers meet Ray James who is 83 years old and is about to find out what happens after a person dies.





Oh Shit, I’m Dead! — A journey into the afterlife is one man’s take on what happens to us when we die. The novel is not a religious dissertation but a straightforward take on the choices we make and where they might take us when we shuffle off this mortal coil. Ray’s life is presented as one of missed opportunities. If only we all have the luxury to see the low and high moments in our lives in the context of how we could do better.

Despite its pithy title, Oh Shit, I’m Dead! is a well thought out work of fiction. We meet Ray on his death bed and have the feeling of getting to know him in reverse. By the time he reunites with his wife, Ray is a beloved but flawed friend. At 68 pages, it takes planning to round out a character, but Williams executes the task beautifully.

The finished work needs some polish but it is easy to overlook minor consistency errors with such engaging material. The afterlife is an interesting subject and Williams does it credit. Not everyone will agree with his take but as entertainment, it holds up well.

If you’re looking for a quick read, pick this one up today.

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