The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

DVD Release Date: December 24, 2002


DVD_The_Adventures_of_Pluto_NashPluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) is a retired smuggler turned night club owner in the moon-based colony, Little America. When a mysterious gangster named Rex Crater destroys and takes Pluto’s nightclub, he is determined to get it back with a little help from his friends.


The Adventures of Pluto Nash is absurd. The story is silly, unfocused and full of nonsensical turns engineered for cheap laughs. In other words, it is exactly what one should expect from a comedy starring Eddie Murphy. What makes it, for this viewer, the movie that I best enjoyed from this lead actor is the other-worldliness of the setting and story. There’s almost a magic to the ridiculousness of the humor. Everyone likes a mindless movie from time to time and The Adventures of Pluto Nash certainly fits that “better if you don’t think about it” bill. Don’t think there’s a market for this type of film? My husband’s favorite movie is “Howard the Duck.” Every movie and every book has an audience.


Eddie Murphy in the role of Pluto Nash plays to his comedy type. The first scene has Jay Mohr playing polka and top of the predictable list is that Nash makes fun of him wearing a dress. In another scene he peels off a stack of paper money featuring Hillary Clinton. He’s brash, slightly world-weary and somewhat insane. In the context of the role of Pluto Nash, this acting style fits. Rosario Dawson in the role of down and out aspiring singer, Dina Lake, is Nash’s perfect balance. Lake’s father was a crony of Nash and she appeals to him to help and he does what he can to help. When the times comes, she’s with him looking for answers. Also by his side is Nash’s club android, played by Randy Quaid. Cloning and making oneself better with enhancement is a heavy theme throughout the movie, but the physical ideals are modern and sadly unchanged.

John Cleese has a cameo role as “James” the AI of a limo that Nash, Dina and the android steal to make an escape. The addition of Cleese to any movie is a step up. He is a comedic genius and his timing is impeccable. John Cleese as a limo is exactly what every movie needs. In yet another brilliant casting move, Pam Grier plays Pluto’s mother. Grier was a perfect fit to a movie that never takes itself too seriously.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash bombed in a big way at the box office. It won both worst picture and worst actor in the 2003 Raspberry Awards. Should this deter viewers? Something had to win worst, and I cannot think of a better candidate released in that year than The Adventures of Pluto Nash. That doesn’t mean the movie isn’t worth watching. If you’re looking for something mindless to watch in an afternoon pick this movie up.

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Title The Adventures of Pluto Nash
Director Ron Underwood
Actors Bruce Berman, Cami Bourquin, Frank Capra III, Louis A. Stroller,
Martin Bregman
Length 1 hour and 35 minutes
Rating PG-13
DVD Release January 12, 2016