Star Cruise: Outbreak by Veronica Scott

Release Date: April 8, 2016



Dr. Emily Shane is known as the “Angel of Fantalar” for saving the lives of many of her fellow soldiers. It’s a title she’s rather uneasy with as she can only remember the ones she didn’t save. When her father volunteers her to fill a medic vacancy on a luxury space liner, The Nebula Zephyr, she’s angry but decides to go along with the plan. Security Officer Jake Dillon is one of the lives Emily saved and she doesn’t want to hear about. When a mysterious illness strikes the ship, Emily and Jake must race against time to find the cause.



The author, Veronica Scott, gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

I love a Veronica Scott book. Whenever this author’s books appear in the inbox there’s a rush of eager anticipation knowing that something good has come my way and [easyazon_link identifier=”B01E1VPVXO” locale=”US” tag=”rabidreaders-20″]Star Cruise: Outbreak: A Sectors SF Romance[/easyazon_link] is no exception. Scott creates a world that hints familiarity. Royalty, celebrities and contest winners are able to experience the wonders of luxury space travel. Scott’s opulent descriptions paint a picture that would lure any traveler looking for a departure from daily life.

Dr. Emily Shane suffers from survivor’s guilt so that whenever someone acknowledges her reputation, she has a knee-jerk revulsion. From the start, while her experiences are given in overview, the reader knows that this is a character that suffers from the aftershock of a horrible tragedy and though she saved many lives, the true horror of the day is not erased in her consciousness. Emily is an excellent medic but she is not the physician to heal herself. She struggles with the idea of being with people and lives a lot within that day in her present life.

Jake has a reputation on the ship before he meets Emily to take her to her new post as someone who has put the new doctor on the highest pedestal he could find. She saved his life. He was there at Fantalar and Emily saved his life. She doesn’t remember, of course, there were too many to keep track of faces. By the time Jake and Emily find a dead man in his cabin, there’s a trust built on instinct (on her part) and shared history (on his part). Scott’s deft characterization gives the reader real people with whom they can identify and for whom they can cheer. Emily is quite abrasive as a result of her trauma, but Scott brings a heart to the character that makes it impossible for the reader to hate her.

There is a character tie into other novels that Scott has written so that there’s a delicious catch-up with old friends. Scott covers a lot of ground in character development and plot without the story feeling as though it’s ponderous. While the mystery story line is slow to start, we are eased into the story with fascinating background characters including a hereditary princess and her odd pet and a “trideo” star and her husband.

The mastery of Scott’s writing is her ability to take us out of own world and into her flawlessly crafted future universe. Her novels are cleanly written and expertly edited. Emily’s PTSD is well researched and her connection with Jake (and his with her) is believable and not overdone. The mystery illness story line could not in any way be considered a filler. I eagerly followed the threads to the ultimate conclusion.

[easyazon_link identifier=”B01E1VPVXO” locale=”US” tag=”rabidreaders-20″]Star Cruise: Outbreak: A Sectors SF Romance[/easyazon_link] is a wonderful novel. If you love romance or science fiction or just generally great writing, give Veronica Scott a shot. You will not be disappointed. “Star Cruise: Outbreak” did not unseat my Scott favorite “The Wreck of the Nebula Dream” but it is an easy second place. That Veronica Scott is now writing full time fills this reader with eager anticipation at what’s to come.

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Veronica Scott’s first book of  The Sectors series was awarded with the 2012 SFR Galaxy Award. She also writes the semi-monthly column on U.S.A Today.

For more information Veronica Scott and her work, visit her website. You can connect with her on FacebookGoodreads and Twitter @VScotttheauthor.
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