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Rabid Reader’s presents this year’s Spooky Halloween Reads and More round-up. Check what we read and viewed.


This year again we took the time to review books & more for you.


SA_Gladiator_Vs_ZombiesGladiators vs. Zombies by Sean-Michael Argo

For historical novel lovers — this may just be the book for you. Set in the swords and sandals era, you’ll love the zombie and well-researched historical mashup of Gladiators vs. Zombies by Sean Michael Argo.




Eaters: Michel’s Blog (A Horror Comedy Novella) by Mattie Jay Cormier

This horror book is about insects. To make this a really scary experience, Cormier brings in dog-sized centipedes. It is truly the stuff of nightmares. Eaters is written in a blog format. It’s horrifying novella with well-rounded characters.



SM_Zombie_RebellionZombie Rebellion by Sean Munger

This is another zombie, historical mashup which takes place during the American Revolution involving a tax collector. Munger’s novel is a wonderful, historical piece with tons of Easter eggs throughout the story and well-developed characters. Zombie Revolution is clearly a skin-crawling read.




Appalachia Mountain Folklore by Micheal Rivers

In this collection of stories, the readers are taken into the different regions of the Appalachia Mountains Folklore. After Ghosts of North Carolina Shores, Rivers once again engages his audience with historical ghostly tales. Appalachia Mountain Folklore is an enjoyable read ghost story lovers.



JW_Funhouse_of_HorrorsFunhouse of Horrors by Jazan Wild

Jazan Wild is a writer of graphic novels. This book contains some of his artwork. Wild’s book takes place in a haunted house, and although not scary, it’s an entertaining read with well-developed characters. Funhouse of Horrors gives the reader an impression of what the protagonist is experiencing in this haunted house.



…and More

This year again, we reviewed classic horror movies for you:


2012: Zombie Apocalypse (2012)

After the popularity of the Walking Dead, the year 2012 became the year of the zombies. A group of survivors may their way to an island to join others. Sadly, the movie has a weak script but if you are looking for a ridiculously bad movie and characters too dumb to live, 2012: Zombie Apocalypse is for you.




Doghouse  (2009)

The movie Doghouse is a zombie comedy romp. Without giving too much away, the movie is often compared to the famous British zombie movie Shaun of the Dead. Doghouse is a play on male and female fantasies and if you are looking for something amusing to watch, check out this movie.




The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962)

The Brain That Wouldn’t Die is a typical B-movie classic that falls in the “so bad, it’s good” category. The story line involves a ruthless surgeon who suddenly has the decapitated head of his fiancée on this hands. So what does he do? He tries to save it. The story is more about Jan’s head than her brain. So if you are looking for an out-of-body experience, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die may be just what you are looking for.




The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

This is certainly one of the most famous movies by the producer and director, Corman. Known for his low-budget movies, Corman once again surprises his fans this wonderful humorous dark comedy turns terror. It definitely belongs in the weird tales category and has some very odd-ball characters. The story is about a Venus Fly Trap hybrid turned giant, carnivorous plant, Trudey Jr. and its creator. The exaggerated and over-dramatic play on stereotypes, as well as the punch lines, make this an enjoyable movie. A plant constantly mouthing off, a flower-eating customer, a clumsy florist and Jack Nicholson playing the role of a sadomasochistic undertaker make The Little Shop of Horrors surely worth watching more than once.


Around the Internet

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