The Mutt and the Matchmaker: A Matchmaker Mystery by J.B. Lynn

Publication Date: May 15, 2014


The Mutt and the Matchmaker: A Matchmaker Mystery by J.B. LynnIn The Mutt and the Matchmaker: A Matchmaker Mystery by J.B. Lynn, Tom Hanlon is a private investigator. As a favor to his elderly neighbor, he takes her dog out for some exercise and meets Armani Vazquez, an eccentric matchmaker who wants to set him up with his prime suspect in a serious crime, Jane Bly and her aptly named foster dog, Calamity. While Tom is looking for his thief will Jane steal his heart? The Mutt and the Matchmaker is the first book in the Matchmaker Mystery series. I love a good short story. At 104 pages, The Mutt and the Matchmaker qualifies as short, sweet and complete story. It’s a light romance with lots of puppy goodness and a light mystery, perfect for a quiet evening in front of the fireplace with a glass of something wonderful. The Mutt and the Matchmaker is one of those novellas you should read quickly, enjoy and never think about again. I’ve never read anything else by J.B. Lynn, but this novella speaks to run-of-the-mill story lines with the benefit of really great dogs. The story is reminiscent of early Jennifer Cruise.

Jane meets Armani when she calls her insurance company to report a hit and run. She is blindingly lonely and anxious that she’s losing her chance at love as she ages so she allows herself to be set up by a woman she met on the phone. Jane’s description leads the readers to mentally add plain in front of her name. Of course, she’ll be set up with Tom, a 6’4″ minor god addicted to Crossfit. He’s been hired by his Aunt Ruby to investigate some robberies in her neighborhood and Jane, a dog walker, has access to the homes of all of the victims. Naturally, that means she’s at fault, right? I think we all know where things go from there, but Lynn’s story is light and charming.

There are some editing issues in The Mutt and the Matchmaker. They are infrequent and not distracting. The Mutt and the Matchmaker is very simply written. None of the characters have a distinct voice beyond Arman and the distinction with her dialogue is her use of infrequent Spanish — which would have gotten annoying had she been more in the story because it read like that of hipster friends who like to be different but is exactly like everyone else in their peer group without the beard and craft root beer.

The Mutt and the Matchmaker is light and sweet. The ending will leave a smile on the reader’s face. If you’re looking for something quick and fun, give it a shot.

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