The Rigid Rules by Christina Thompson

Release Date: July 11, 2014 



Taylor Valentine is a senior at Western Michigan University and is laser-focused on living a life that would honor the memory of her parents. When Dr. Stuart Morgan visits to give a four-week seminar on Civil War History, the former Marine is undeniably a draw for young Taylor. Stuart has his own rules regarding fraternizing with students—mainly that he doesn’t—that he’s unwilling to break, but he’s tempted to do so for the tantalizing Taylor. When death threats cause their paths to become entwined will Stuart compromise his rules or will Taylor turn to Joe, the hometown boy that has always loved her? [easyazon_link identifier=”1937546322″ locale=”US” tag=”rabidreaders-20″]“Their Rigid Rules”[/easyazon_link] is the third book in the Chemical Attraction series and a prequel to the other novels.


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The Trucker’s Cat by Christina Thompson

Publication Date: January 6, 2014


CT_The_Truckers_CatSamantha Randall discovers a plot to assassinate the president and sets out to stop the course of events. Coincidentally, she meets up with Logan McCormick, the one man who can help her. Can they work together and foil the plans of the bad guys?





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Chemical Reaction by Christina Thompson

Publication Date: October 4, 2013


CT_Chemical_ReactionDr. Madeline Pierce and FBI Agent Joe Roberts are back and engaged. Madeline is in Detroit working through Dr. Ellis’s journals to find the driving force behind the destructive drug Madvin. Joe is back in the West Michigan town looking to wrap things up and spending the rest of his life nesting with the woman he loves. When Madeline is taken captive by sadistic and bat stuff crazy forces, can Joe save her in time? [easyazon-link asin=”B00FPYTQ4W” locale=”us”]Chemical Reaction[/easyazon-link] is the second book in the Chemical Attraction series.



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Chemical Attraction by Christina Thompson

Publication Date: August 28, 2012


Chemical Attraction by Christina ThompsonIn Chemical Attraction by Christina Thompson, Dr. Maddie Pierce is worried about dangerous chemicals that appear on the order rolls for her department at a medical research lab. Research into the other departments and their order rolls have led to her calling the FBI for help. The FBI sends Agent Joe Roberts, a man with ties to the small western Michigan town. The attraction between Maddie and Joe is instant, but now animals started attacking and killing their owners, the stakes have been set higher. Can Maddie and Joe solve the case without their chemical attraction getting in the way?


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Rabid Reader’s Valentine’s Day book recommendations

Over the past years, we reviewed tons of romance, chick-lit and cozy mystery books and we would like to take the opportunity to present and share some book reviews for Valentine’s day 2017. This is just a short list of books that readers may enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our other book reviews. Check out our romance, chick-lit and cozy mystery reviews.



Veronica Scott, science fiction, romance and a U.S. Today best-selling author, released Trapped on Talonque last year. Be sure to check out the latest review of the Sector series.




A classic everyone that enjoys adventure mixed with romance will like A Kiss at Kilhali by the New York Times best-selling author, Ruth Harris.




If you are into romantic suspense, try out The Rigid Rules by Christina Thompson. Readers with a passion for mysteries that contain elements of romance novels will enjoy Thompson’s Chemical Attraction series.




If you’re a fan of romance, particularly Regency, try out Sense and Sensuality by Alicia Quigley. This is a well-polished novel Quigley’s characters are witty, fast and wonderfully framed.




Andrea Weir’s A Foolish Consistency is a high-octane drama piece that gives readers the impression they are reading a real-life story. If you love reading romance novels with lots of ups and downs, this is the book for you.




Readers that have a knack for typical cozy mystery books should check out Hide nor Hair by Jo-Anne Lamon Reccoppa. The story takes place in New Jersey and contains everything that makes up a great cozy mystery. Also, check out the review of the first book, New Math is Murder.



Another cozy mystery series worth reading is Chef Maurice Series by J.A. Lang. If you are seeking a culinarian cozy mystery series with a dash of humor, be sure to check out Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle. You won’t be disappointed.




Romancing Mister Bridgerton by the New York Times best-selling author Julia Quinn, is a fun and interesting historical story. This book is the fourth one in a series. If you love Regency novels, be sure not to miss out on this series.




Playing Charlie Cool is a charming romance novel and the third book in the Trager Family Secrets series by the best-selling author, Laurie Boris. A smooth flow, great writing, clever plotting and wonderfully, fleshed-out characters make this book endearing to read.




What would a romantic recommendation reading list be without the author Ellie Campbell? In Meddling With Murder Cathy O’Farrell and her band of Crouch End crazies from Looking for La La are finally back. Cozy mystery readers that are looking for a book with beautifully ridiculous plot elements and a touch of humor will not want to pass up on this series.

Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography by Victoria Price

Release Date: August 5, 2014


Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography by Victoria PriceVincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography by Victoria Price, is a look at the life of the great Vincent Price through the eyes of his daughter, Victoria Price.






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Recommended Romantic Reads for Valentine’s Day 2015

downloadIf, like me, nothing excites you more than a comfy blanket and a good read, check out my list of recommended romantic reads for Valentine’s Day!





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42 Books to Love for Towel Day 2013



Towel_Day_2013Is this not a Hamlet kind of day? Check out list of 42 Books to love for Towel Day!

Towel Day is the International celebration of Douglas Adams and his work. From radio writer to novelist to screenwriter to observational  Adams’s work has been read and admired by people from all walks of life. For more features developed for and information about Towel Day click here.



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