Caelie After The Massacre: A Short Story by Wendy Fisher

Publication Date: February 2, 2017


Caelie After The Massacre: A Short Story (The Moosewolf Series Book 1) by Wendy FisherCaelie’s family has been betrayed by a trusted confidante and she is the lone survivor. She wanders through the frozen tundra looking for healing and safety.




Caelie After The Massacre is a snapshot short story weighing in at a very light 13 pages. It feels somewhat out of context and a world full of unfamiliar creatures and tribal rivalries. We know that Caelie’s family is rich and powerful and that she loses everything that could tie her to their name and maintain their affluence and authority when she makes her way back to her slice of an alternate universe.

Caelie is as well structured as a character running from death can be. We learn a little about her in offhand bursts. She’s collateral damage. Caelie is a daughter and seemingly inconsequential but the bad guys want her whole family wiped out so she must be killed. Tracked down and suffering from hypothermia, she’s sure not to last long but the bad guys are through. Their win must be total and must be evidenced to a greater populace (either their people or people they want to threaten). We also know that Caelie, when backed into a corner, is not one to be messed with but this is not a short story without peril. Will our eponymous heroine survive to the end of the story? There are no assurances or clear picture of the series to come or if Caelie will play a role. Fisher’s hints at the tribal structure of the world as well as the canine like social structure of the fearsome Moosewolves are intriguing.

Technically the piece is very well written. The author perfectly conveys a sense of urgency and her characters react in a way consistent with the danger they face. The tone is dark and the hints of a greater alternate universe will tantalize readers of fantasy. There’s a lot left, seemingly intentionally, unclear which, for this reader, was a bit of a letdown but I can see how people will become invested and the fans of this world will build. Fisher is a good writer with a solid imagination and authors with those virtues build a following.

Are you a fan of fantasy? Pick Caelie After The Massacre  up today and let me know what you think.


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Cinderelleper: A Fairytale Satire by Ford Forkum

Publication Date: February 14, 2017


Cinderelleper by Ford Forkum, a fairytale book review by Rabid Reader's Reviews

Cinderelleper is a satirical retelling of the classic Grimm fairy tale and the Cinderella movie produced by Disney in the 1950s.





Cinderelleper, is the name given to her by her evil stepmother. Cinderpeller is diagnosed with leprosy early in the story and this is the take-off of the well-known fairy tale. We’ve all seen the memes spoofing with the Prince on the internet, “Says you are the love of his life. Forgets what you look like and has to put a shoe on every girl in the kingdom.” Forkum takes that common sense sarcasm to an extreme by writing a story more in the spirit of the dark and dangerous Grimm fairy tale than the world of helpful mice and unfettered optimism of the Disney version. His story is tongue-in-cheek and it is told with respect to the depth of the material by folding it to expose the core.

Cinderelleper features the irredeemably cruel and ambitious evil stepmother and the hyper-critical, evil stepsisters. Rather than the implied haughtily cruel eyebrow of the animated version, Forkum’s version is borderline homicidal and the stepmother is out for her own ambition with her daughters as pawns in the pursuit of never having to lift a finger. For her part, Cinderelleper is circumspect about the circumstances leading her to enslavement that staves off that sense that she’s a battered and broken victim. She has no plans to advocate for the hand of the feckless prince, but she’s been given a mission that makes sense for the good of the kingdom and is willing to carry it out.

The humor of Cinderelleper is sometimes quite elementary but it is clearly a callback to highlight the nonsense of (mostly) the Disney version. Mice as drivers? The fairy godmother’s magical chant is reminiscent of something the Simpsons would do, so as not to be sued by Disney (see their spoof of Snow White). At a light 43 pages, the story is pretty straightforward and generally close to the key events of the Disney version with enough of a digression that though the framework may resemble the progression, the characters, motivations and end results are completely different. There are moments of brilliance in the piece that really led to reflection beyond the page. There are lessons in Cinderelleper. Technically speaking, the novella is perfect. There are no formatting or general errors.

Cinderelleper is a fun and fast read that whether you’re a fan of fairy tales or live to hate them, you’ll enjoy. Pick it up today.

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Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck

Publication Date: May 19, 2015


Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck, romance, mystery book reviewLuminosa, Portugal is a small sea-side community with deep secrets. Leo Shines and Piper Pines arrive from vastly different areas of the world each with the goal of discovering more about their mothers. Can they break the ice of the furtive town and find the information they seek?




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Infamy (A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller) by Robert K. Tanenbaum

Publication Date: September 20, 2016


Infamy (A Butch Karp-Marlene Ciampi Thriller) by Robert K. Tanenbaum, thriller series book reviewAn army veteran kills an officer and claims that he’s was compelled to do so as a result of mind control experiments. When an influential criminal defense attorney with important friends steps up to defend the soldier, defense attorney Roger “Butch” Karp knows there’s more to this case than meets the eye. Infamy is the 28th book in the Butch Karp — Marlene Ciampi Thriller Series.




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Rabid Reader’s Valentine’s Day book recommendations

Over the past years, we reviewed tons of romance, chick-lit and cozy mystery books and we would like to take the opportunity to present and share some book reviews for Valentine’s day 2017. This is just a short list of books that readers may enjoy. Don’t forget to check out our other book reviews. Check out our romance, chick-lit and cozy mystery reviews.



Veronica Scott, science fiction, romance and a U.S. Today best-selling author, released Trapped on Talonque last year. Be sure to check out the latest review of the Sector series.




A classic everyone that enjoys adventure mixed with romance will like A Kiss at Kilhali by the New York Times best-selling author, Ruth Harris.




If you are into romantic suspense, try out The Rigid Rules by Christina Thompson. Readers with a passion for mysteries that contain elements of romance novels will enjoy Thompson’s Chemical Attraction series.




If you’re a fan of romance, particularly Regency, try out Sense and Sensuality by Alicia Quigley. This is a well-polished novel Quigley’s characters are witty, fast and wonderfully framed.




Andrea Weir’s A Foolish Consistency is a high-octane drama piece that gives readers the impression they are reading a real-life story. If you love reading romance novels with lots of ups and downs, this is the book for you.




Readers that have a knack for typical cozy mystery books should check out Hide nor Hair by Jo-Anne Lamon Reccoppa. The story takes place in New Jersey and contains everything that makes up a great cozy mystery. Also, check out the review of the first book, New Math is Murder.



Another cozy mystery series worth reading is Chef Maurice Series by J.A. Lang. If you are seeking a culinarian cozy mystery series with a dash of humor, be sure to check out Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle. You won’t be disappointed.




Romancing Mister Bridgerton by the New York Times best-selling author Julia Quinn, is a fun and interesting historical story. This book is the fourth one in a series. If you love Regency novels, be sure not to miss out on this series.




Playing Charlie Cool is a charming romance novel and the third book in the Trager Family Secrets series by the best-selling author, Laurie Boris. A smooth flow, great writing, clever plotting and wonderfully, fleshed-out characters make this book endearing to read.




What would a romantic recommendation reading list be without the author Ellie Campbell? In Meddling With Murder Cathy O’Farrell and her band of Crouch End crazies from Looking for La La are finally back. Cozy mystery readers that are looking for a book with beautifully ridiculous plot elements and a touch of humor will not want to pass up on this series.

Clownfish Blues (Serge Storms Book 21) by Tim Dorsey

Publication Date: January 24, 2017


Clownfish Blues: A Novel (Serge Storms) by Tim DorseySerge and Coleman are on the road in a Route 66 homage-type expedition. Their plan is to go town, taking temporary jobs at leisure, making sure they hit all of the high points including the bedding of a local that everyone knows happens during the commercial breaks. They soon notice a lottery manipulating scheme with everyone involved from small town convenience store owners to the big guys. In keeping with their quest, it’s time to get in on the action.



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The Final Girl by Brandon Ford

Publication Date: April 12, 2015


The Final Girl by Brandon FordThe slasher classic “Bloodletting” has been remade and viewers brave the single screen Colonial Theater to see the midnight show. Before the movie begins, a killer starts picking off patrons. Will the movie blogger, the set of teen twins, the fugitive or the woman running from betrayal get out alive?




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Rules for Revenge: A Declan McIver Novel (Black Shuck Thriller Series) by Ian Graham

Publication Date: October 2, 2016


Rules for Revenge: A Declan McIver Novel (Black Shuck Thriller Series) by Ian GrahamAfter the thwarting a terrorist attack in which officials believe he was involved, Declan McIver is lying low with his pregnant wife. When bombs go off again, Declan is caught up in a plot that could expose him and his wife and jeopardize their safety. Can he, with the help of a secretive MI6 officer, stop the terrorists in time?

Rules for Revenge is the second novel in the Black Shuck Thriller Series.


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Dead Man Talking (Dead Man Mysteries Book 1) by T.M. Simmons

Publication Date: June 13, 2011


Author and ghost hunter, Alice Carpenter, has been living with 10 ghosts. Alice’s cousin, Katy, calls her to the family home to help with demanding and destructive resident ghost who is desperate to know who killed him. Soon after arriving Alice meets a new ghost and Katy becomes a suspect in that ghost’s murder. Can Alice hope her cousin and stop a killer? She’ll need help from another world to solve this one.



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Hidden by James Patterson and James O. Born

Publication Date: January 3, 2017


Turned down by the Navy SEALS, Mitchum is happy to be the guy folks turn to when they need help in his small hometown in upstate New York. When his 14-year-old cousin, Bailey Mae goes missing, he sets out to solve the most important case of his career.

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