Shadowlands by Alan Steven Kessler

Publication Date: May 30, 2013


Shadow Lands by Alan Steven KesslerIn Shadowlands by Alan Steven Kessler, Steve Goldblatt has had a rough childhood. His parents are abusive and his view of trusted friends is shaped by that treatment. Shadowlands is a dark journey into the soul of an abused child.



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The Card by Brandon Luffman

Publication Date: January 11, 2013


The Card by Brandon LuffmanIn The Card by Brandon Luffman, Freddie and Brian are playing with Tarot cards when a mysteriously sinister card turns up. None of the three will admit to adding it to the deck. Circumstances lead them to believe that perhaps something bigger than themselves has stepped into the picture and things are about to go very wrong.



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The Lokkr Chronicles: Volume 1 Planet Storm by Paul J. Middleton

Publication Date: February 26, 2013


PM_The_Lokkr_Chronicles_01It’s 1975 and Aaron O’Connor’s wife and children have been taken by a shadow man that appears in his dreams. D.I. Yvonne Marnak doesn’t believe him and is determined catch Aaron short to find out where he hid his wife and children. Little does she know the great danger they face in the form of Havelock and the Dark Lord. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. In the meantime a vicious storm is headed toward London. When D.I. Marnak disobeys orders she will discover that reality is a subjective thing. Will any of them get out alive?



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Frostwalker by Brandon Luffman

Publication Date: May 17, 2013


Frostwalker by Brandon LuffmanIn Frostwalker by Brandon Luffman, the town Wynn in North Carolina is facing the worst snowstorm in years when a hunter goes missing in the woods behind Jake Marsdon’s house. Jake has been having nightmares compelling him to visit the woods. An ancient evil lurks threatening all that Jake holds dear. Can he beat the monster that lurks or will Wynn fall victim to its curse?



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Geddy’s Moon by John Mulhall

Publication Date: February 20, 2013


Geddy’s Moon by John MulhallIn Geddy’s Moon by John Mulhall, Tyler has amnesia. He finds himself in the town of Geddy’s Moon, Kansas he starts to remember the terrible past and the evil danger that haunts him. Can he fight the battle with darkness or is it already too late?





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I Do by Charlotte L.R. Kane

Publication Date: April 25, 2013


I Do by Charlotte L.R. Kane book reviewBryony and Jackson are planning their wedding and choose to have it at an ancient castle. Back in 1963 at this same venue, a bride was killed by her fiancé as she prepared to walk down the aisle. When the ghost of the dead bride possesses Bryony, strange things start to happen and as the wedding nears the ghost gets angry. Will the wedding go through or will Bryony and the ghost be bound together for eternity?



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Zombies of Byzantium by Sean Munger

Publication Date: February 4, 2013


SM_Zombies_of_ByzantiumIt’s the 8th Century AD and Brother Stephen Diabetenos is a religious iconographer who is sent to Constantinople with the elderly Brother Theophilus as he companion. When they come upon a village that seems to have suffered a great attack, they find a human able to pursue them for miles though lit like a torch. What is this horrible plague that God has sent upon them? They soon meet up with young and fierce Michael Camytzes, the son of a military leader and a leader in his own right. Together they head to Constantinople to warn the Emperor. Can they convince him in time? And with the Saracen Army descending, what twists will this story take?


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Crogian by John Leahy

Publication Date: July 27, 2012


Crogian by John LeahyCrogian by John Leahy, takes place in 2010, a man in Alaska finds a silver cone in his gold stake. He digs and digs and the cone seems endless. He soon lets friends in, and before he knows it, the military has taken over the site. What could have the government so interested in the site, and how do giant creatures play a role? Will the survivors make it to the safety of Houston or will they join the victims of Crogian?



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Sun Bleached Winter by D. Robert Grixti

Publication Date: December 1, 2012


Sun Bleached Winter by D. Robert GrixtiIn Sun Bleached Winter by D. Robert Grixti, Lionel and Claire Morton are running from Cannibalistic Marauders and struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world when they hear a radio broadcast about a city of hope. Claire is injured and death is upon them so with nothing to lose they look for the city that they hope will save them.



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Adduné: Part I. The Vampire’s Game By Wendy Potocki

Publication Date: December 29, 2010


WP_The_Vampire_GameIn [easyazon-link asin=”145646874X” locale=”us”]Adduné: Part I. The Vampire’s Game (Addune)[/easyazon-link], Miranda Perry’s father is dead and she must assume the reins of his vast business empire. In assessing the assets of the business, Miranda comes upon an item that her father hid and that will lead her into a world of danger.



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