The Slaughtered Virgin of Zenopolis by David Blake

Publication Date: January 13, 2016


The Slaughtered Virgin of Zenopolis features a throwback humor that smacks of the zany comedy of British films in the 1960s. Detective Capstan is a straight man in a world that no longer makes sense. Recently transferred to Bath, he meets young Becky Phillips when she helps some addled criminals in a bank robbery gone nonsensical.



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Rabid Reader’s Reviews Holiday Musings 2016

We took the opportunity to review books and movies for the 2016 Christmas season. Be sure to check out our reviews:



If you are you enjoy mysteries by the author Mary Higgins Clark, we recommend her holiday detective stories. In The Christmas Thief, the amateur sleuth, Alvirah Meehan, once again teams up with the private investigator Regan Reilly.





David Baldacci, known for his Will Robie and Amos Decker series, departs from his typical thriller books and takes a dive into the contemporary in The Christmas Train.





Mythology 101 by Jody Lynn Nye, book reviewIf you are looking for is a cute story that is a little cheeky with an off-the-wall humor, try Mythology 101 by Jody Lynn Nye.






Movie Review: A Nightmare before ChristmasTim Burton’s dark Christmas movie brings in Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who is totally fed up with screaming and scaring. Instead, accompany Jack Skellington as he spreads Christmas joy. The Nightmare before Christmas has been digitally remastered and is Amazon choice.





This movie is based on John Grisham’s book, “Skipping Christmas” and it became on instant family classic. If you looking for a humorous movie, enjoy Christmas with the Kranks.






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We wish all of our readers and subscribers a great 2017 and want to thank you for regularly visiting our Rabid Reader’s Reviews site.

Eaters: Michel’s Blog (A Horror Comedy Novella) by Mattie Jay Cormier

Release Date: August 11, 2016



After living away for several years working as a professional writer, Michel returns to his hometown to face the ghosts of his past. It won’t only be an ex-girlfriend or a strung-out old friend he’ll face. Michel’s hometown has suffered a recent outbreak of centipede-like creatures known as “Eaters.” As Michel and his small band of compatriots struggle to survive will they succeed or will they be eaten.




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The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)

DVD Release Date: December 24, 2002


DVD_The_Adventures_of_Pluto_NashPluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) is a retired smuggler turned night club owner in the moon-based colony, Little America. When a mysterious gangster named Rex Crater destroys and takes Pluto’s nightclub, he is determined to get it back with a little help from his friends.


The Adventures of Pluto Nash is absurd. The story is silly, unfocused and full of nonsensical turns engineered for cheap laughs. In other words, it is exactly what one should expect from a comedy starring Eddie Murphy. What makes it, for this viewer, the movie that I best enjoyed from this lead actor is the other-worldliness of the setting and story. There’s almost a magic to the ridiculousness of the humor. Everyone likes a mindless movie from time to time and The Adventures of Pluto Nash certainly fits that “better if you don’t think about it” bill. Don’t think there’s a market for this type of film? My husband’s favorite movie is “Howard the Duck.” Every movie and every book has an audience.


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Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1968)

Release Date: January 24, 1968 | DVD Release Date: February 27, 2001


DVD_Dr_StrangeloveA United States Air Force General orders a nuclear attack aimed at the Soviet Union. The movie follows the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff as they struggle to stop the attack and the B-52 Bomber as it travels to deliver the devastating hit.







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Elf (2003)

Movie Released: November 7, 2003 | DVD Releasd: October 24, 2006


DVD_ElfA child slipped into Santa’s sack one Christmas Eve and was taken to the North Pole where he was adopted by an older elf (Bob Newhart). When he finds out that he is human, the elf decides to go on a quest to New York City to find his biological father, a hard-hearted Children’s publisher. Will everything work out as Buddy expects?







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Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special: The Last Christmas

DVD Release Date: February 17, 2015


The Doctor (PeterDVD_Doctor_Who_Last_Christmas Capaldi) and Clara (Jenny Coleman) must help scientists plagued by crab-like creatures at a North Pole Scientific Station with the help from Santa (Nick Frost) and his elves.

Readers of this blog will know that I am a big fan of Doctor Who as well as the comedic characters normally played by Nick Frost. In Doctor Who: Last Christmas the actor takes a darker interpretation of an iconic character.



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A Hint of Magic: A Paranormal Comedy Series by Claire Chilton

Publication Date: January 8, 2014



Dora Carradine is sick of life as a good girl and decides to rebel against her religious upbringing by joining a witch’s coven. When Dora discovers that the dark side is even darker than she could have imagined, she has some difficult choices to make.




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Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean Oram

Publication Date: March 8, 2013    


JO_Champagne_Lemon_DropsBeth Wilkinson has always had very specific dreams growing up in Blueberry Springs. When her fiancé, Oz, breaks off their engagement so that he can find himself, Beth is determined to win him back. In her bid to win Oz back, Beth attracts the attention of Nash, the town’s dashing new doctor. Beth discovers love and her future may not be as simple as she thought.


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Free e-book download on Amazon: Intergalactic Terrorist (Book One) by J.F. Monahan

Looking for something fabulously funny to read over the holidays? Head over to Amazon and pick up Intergalactic Terrorist (New Dimension Book 1) for your Amazon Kindle FREE!

Charlie Pinwright is the most forgettable man on earth. As a child, his mother frequently picked the wrong boy up from school simply forgetting his face. After losing his girlfriend to a Spanish cake decorator, losing his job and being forced to share his flat with another family (the landlord leased the bedroom simply forgetting that Charlie was there), Charlie is kidnapped by an alien bounty hunter. Charlie soon finds out that the continuation of existence as we know (and don’t know) it may rest on his shoulders. Can one forgettable man save the galaxy?

To read my review of Intergalactic Terrorist (New Dimension Book 1) click here (includes links to Amazon sites).

If you like Douglas Adams, Jasper Fforde and Ford Forkum, Intergalactic Terrorist (New Dimension Book 1) is a read that you don’t want to miss!