Hot Redemption by K.D. Penn

Publication Date: December 12, 2013









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On Earth in the distant future, Epic and his brothers, Shade and Toy, have had a tough road since the death of their parents. Left to raise their six siblings, the brother set on a plan of robbing strip clubs to finance the ultimate heist. They’ll rob a strip club on the planet Trinity where the high rollers go to experience the robots and sex slaves. On their last heist before the big one, they encounter Phoenix, a stripper who sees her own way out by robbing those robbing the club. She’ll have enough money to go to a luxury planet and land a Sugar Daddy. When Nix and Epic clash, sparks fly. Can they come together to pull off the heist that will save them all?


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Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan

Publication Date: May 11, 2013


Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert BevanIn Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan, Tom, Dave, Julian and Cooper are a group of friends of varied mythical races and hire on to load the cargo hold of a ship only to find themselves hijacked by pirates. Will they be the temporary love slaves of the pirates or will they escape and somehow find their way back to civilization?



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Intergalactic Terrorist (New Dimension) by J.F. Monahan

Publication Date: July 1, 2013


JM_Intergalactic_Terrorist_01Charlie Pinwright is the most forgettable man on earth. As a child, his mother frequently picked the wrong boy up from school simply forgetting his face. After losing his girlfriend to a Spanish cake decorator, losing his job and being forced to share his flat with another family (the landlord leased the bedroom simply forgetting that Charlie was there), Charlie is kidnapped by an alien bounty hunter. Charlie soon finds out that the continuation of existence as we know (and don’t know) it may rest on his shoulders. Can one forgettable man save the galaxy?



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Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica Scott

Publication Date: March 13, 2012


Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica ScottIn Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica Scott, Special Forces Captain Nick Jameson messed up his last mission and is seen as a kind of a burn-out by his commanders. He boards the luxury spaceship Nebula Dream, not so interested in the ambition of the crew to break space travel speed records. He just wants to get home and even considers going into stasis for the trip. Nick suspects problems with the ship that are confirmed when the liner crashes in enemy territory. Too few lifeboat pods leave 8,000 passengers stranded. Can Nick and his small band of two children, a socialite, a contracts expert and a mercenary survive and make it home? Wreck of the Nebula Dream is a re-imagining of the Titanic disaster in future space.


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Asterion by Kenneth Morvant

Publication Date: February 6, 2013


Asterion by Kenneth MorvantIn Asterion by Kenneth Morvant, Taylor Scott and Christine Summers are scientists in a not-so-distant dystopian future that have created a hybrid beast of burden to work in the fields and grow crops. The government sees great potential in the beast as a weapon and the scientists find themselves hunted by their own creation.



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The Mayonnaise Murders by Keith A. Owens

Publication Date: September 24, 2012


KO_The_Mayonnaise_MurderVee, the reporter and Vid the problem solver—both critters—happen to stumble upon a very dead human, Johnny Beardy. Notable upon Beardy’s body is mayonnaise, which has been illegal for years on Planet 10 as it becomes a potent drug when mixed with an unnamed chemical. What develops is a deep plot of revenge that has Vid and Vee traveling the universe and landing in Colorado. Will they do the right or the easy thing?



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Disturbing Clockwork by D.L. Morrese

Publication Date: April 20, 2013


Disturbing Clockwork by D.L. MorreseIn Disturbing Clockwork by D.L. Morrese, Benkin, an inventor, finds clockwork automatons on a deserted island. Benkin sees the machines as a key to unlock the world’s mysteries. The clever and ambitious Snyde, a fugitive and notorious baddie, sees the machines as the key to ultimate power. Can Trixie, Kwester, Muce and Prince Donald save Benkin from Snyde’s clutches in time?



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The Acolytes of Crane (Volume One) by J.D. Tew

Publication Date: April 12, 2013


JT_The_Acolytes_of_CraneTheodore Crane is a neglected 12-year-old who wants to be something great. He has a need to grow beyond his walls. What Theodore doesn’t realize is the epic adventure that awaits him in the unknown vastness of space and the danger posed from an enemy determined to harm him.





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Other Systems by Elizabeth Guizzetti

Publication Date: April 1, 2012


EG_Other_SystemsAbigail Boyd-Lei is a teenager living on a dying Earth in the thirty-first century. She left school at 13 and lives in a tiny one-room apartment with her grandmother, parents and three siblings. When an alien race comes to Earth, they offer Abigail an escape and hope for the future. She can immigrate to a planet of bounty where all of her dreams will come true. Will the reality match her dreams? Cole Alekos is a humanoid hybrid and space explorer living in relative time. A few months in space can be decades on Earth. His son, Harden, has detached himself from society after the untimely suicide of his wife. Harden drinks and smokes too much and is generally not a good example for anyone. Can Harden and his crew protect Abby from formidable adversary and after what Abby has found in her new world, can she reconcile herself to the future?


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StrikeStone: Book III of the Dolvia Saga by Stella Atrium

Publication Date: June 2013


StrikeStone: Book III of the Dolvia Saga by Stella AtriumStrikeStone: Book III of the Dolvia Saga by Stella Atrium, a woman in traditional dress publically executed herself by setting herself on fire in front of the Governer’s mansion in far-away Cylay. Brianna Miller, a half-softcheeks and half-Dolviet woman and savior of the Gouleps (women ostracized from their families) is called to her homeland. Escorted by her cousin, Rufus and another warrior, Brianna collects students as she travels. Her extensive travel finds Dolvia ravaged by conflict and war and on the brink of something bigger than could have ever been imagined. StrikeStone: Book III of the Dolvia Saga is the third novel in the Dolvia series.



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