Arkansas Summer by Anne Moose

Publication Date: April 16, 2017


Arkansas Summer by Anne MooseIn Arkansas Summer by Anne Moose, it’s 1955 and Catherine is a college student. She travels from California to Arkansas to help her father sort out her grandmother’s situation in the wake of his father’s death. She reconnects with Jimmy, the son of her grandmother’s housekeeper and her favorite playmate as a young child. The attraction between them is strong, but the south is a dangerous place for a black man showing anything other than casual indifference to a white woman. Will their love survive the hate of those around them?    Continue reading Arkansas Summer by Anne Moose

Nobody’s Slave by Tim Vicary

Publication Date: February 25, 2013


TV_Nobodys_SlaveMadu is a young African warrior-in-training who craves the approval of his stepfather. Tom is a young English boy on a slave ship that has gone hunting for their next human cargo. Two tribes are at war, as the tribe opposing Madu’s makes a deal with the English to give their prisoners into the slave trade. Madu is confused and frightened when he is taken as a prisoner to the slave ship. When the tables are turned will Tom and Madu be able to form a friendship which will have them survive?



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