Brett Always Wins by David D’Aguanno

Publication Date: March 30, 2012

Now available in audiobook format narrated by the fabulous Travis Henry Carter who fully embodies the douchy but likable Brett Cornell. Click here to check it out on Audible. Seriously, these books are funny and a call back to the kind of guy you don’t see much anymore. Give the Brett Cornell series a shot.

Review originally posted on June 9, 2012


Brett Always Wins by David D’AguannoIn Brett Always Wins by David D’Aguanno, private Investigator and “Charter Member of Unscrupulous Bastards R Us” (Kindle location 1974), Brett Cornell, is a prime piece of all-American beef who has deemed instant gratification a way of life. He’s irresistible; just ask him; he’ll tell you. When a one-night stand calls to say that her husband is trying to kill her, Brett knows the real reason, she’s back for round two. Brett takes her case and finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery. Nothing the great Brett Cornell can’t handle.


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Poolside with Brett by David D’Aguanno

Release Date: October 30, 2017


Poolside with Brett by David D'AguannoIn Poolside with Brett by David D’Aguanno, it’s the 1980s in New Jersey, the age of excess. Big hair, hard drugs and lots of sex and one man who is acing the era is Private Investigator, Brett Cornell. He’s winning big and has attracted the attention of an exotic beauty who wants to feature him in one of her adult films and a wealthy woman has hired him to find her husband. Seems like life is going well until Brett finds the missing husband in the trunk of his car. Is someone trying to set him up? Brett must solve the case to get back to his charmed life.

Poolside with Brett is the first book in the Brett Cornell series.



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The Unfaithful Seven by Alasdair Smith

Publication Date: January 10, 2013


AS_The_Unfaithful_SevenLouis Cameron, one of Glasgow’s leading property developers, bribed an official that he didn’t have to bribe. Louis discovers that his planning permits would have been approved without the bribe. The man who took the money is found hanging in his apartment. Louis vows to get the money back no matter what and brings in John Quinn, a nobody who Louis believes was a good friend of the politician, to help. Jack Robinson, owner of the land to be developed, also gets word of the half a million and with the help of his sidekick, Bannie McKenzie, plans to get the money first. It’s a race to the cash in this Scottish crime caper.


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