Song of Nümenstar by A.J. Feagin

Publication Date: August  25, 2019


In the Song of Nümenstar by A.J. Feagin, a group of Daejic students disappears. Commander Karawn Kross and the female Mystik Ka’myla Ad’uar embark on a mission to find them. What they find instead while searching the catacombs beneath the highly secure city of Soaleste can change everything.


A lot of authors attempt to boost their writing credibility by saying that their stories are like those of popular or bestselling authors and seldom can the similarity been seen by the reader. And, when it is, it comes off as a poor copy. This is not the case in Song of Nümenstar by A.J. Feagin. The Amazon entry likens Song of Nümenstar to Dune and Star Wars and I can see the likeness. The similarity falls in the incredible work Frank Herbert did in building the world of Aarkis. It’s in the pageantry and diversity of Star Wars. Continue reading Song of Nümenstar by A.J. Feagin

Void Contract (Gigaparsec Book 1) by Scott Rhine

Publication Date: April 1, 2015



Max Culp is an ex-military man tracking interstellar war criminals. When the last criminal is found and locked up, Max isn’t sure where to take his life next. The choice is taken from him when his friend is kidnapped.

Void Contract is the first book in the Gigaparsec series.



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Dissent: Book I of The Nexus by Thomas Olbert

Publication Date: March 31, 2016



Kayleen is a Kralite, an Amazonian type warrior race. Saaryth is a Kaltaarist, a femme race that hunts together, lives together and shares together. Though their life philosophers are at odds, when thrown together, a deep connection develops between the two women. In a violent society of worlds on the brink can their love survive?



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Particle Horizon by Selso Xisto

Publication Date: April 8, 2012


Particle Horizon by Selso XistoIn Particle Horizon by Selso Xisto, a Galactic Holy War begins and unfolds into what is called in the Amazon description, a space opera featuring several key players all fighting for their own goals. At the heart of the conflict is a new elemental power that can change the game for everyone.



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