A Darkness Shattered by Bruce Clothier

A week ago, I joined a group of authors who support each other with reviews. I am not a writer but a very happy reader so jumped in feet first and this is the first review for a member of that group. I promise you, my readers when I do review those books here, every word I write is honestly meant and not simply to help folks with sales. The positive spin will be left for the bookselling sites.

That having been said, this first book needed no positive spin. This novel was simply a beautiful read. I hope you enjoy this review as much as I enjoyed reading the book and then if zombies, coming of age stories or dramas about human nature are your thing, head straight over to Amazon and pick it up.


Publication Date: April 2, 2012


A Darkness Shattered by Bruce ClothierIn A Darkness Shattered by Bruce Clothier, Michael Nelson is a teenager, home alone when the Zombie Apocalypse begins. When it becomes apparent that his parents won’t be coming back, he sets out from Kansas City to his grandparent’s farm in Illinois. Along the way, he meets Abbie Nelson, a foster child who had been at the heart of the madness when it began and very narrowly escaped becoming one of the undead. This story follows the teenagers as they navigate the post-apocalyptic world with hope and trust in each other and a map they got from a gas station to guide them.


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