Sedition: A Political Thriller by Tom Abrahams

Publication Date: September 23, 2012


Sedition: A Political Thriller by Tom AbrahamsOn the heels of the death of the Vice President, the President of the United States dies as a result of an aneurysm. In Sedition: A Political Thriller by Tom Abrahams, Savvy Secretary of State, Felicia Jackson and smarmy not yet sworn in Vice Presidential candidate, John Blackmon fight in court and on the public stage for the top title. Waiting in the wings is a group wishing to overthrow the government who know that its time to make their move. Their problem is that it seems one of them isn’t so sure and is feeding information to the NSA and Matti Harrold is assigned to the case. When all the story lines converge, who will come out on top?



In Sedition: A Political Thriller is a smart and entertaining political thriller. There are a lot of story lines but few wasted moves in this 414-page story. Abrahams covers characters from a professor with an eye for the students to a satirical artist to a White House power struggle all with characters that are well-rounded and easily believed and who are all brought together in a very plausible story line.

Abrahams conveys a sense of deep knowledge as to the inner workings of Washington. He clearly did a great deal of research in preparation for this novel in a political and historical sense. The plot is complex but tight. This is Ludlum done better and a work worthy to stand side by side with that author in success. Often Amazon published works are riddled with editing and formatting errors but if there were editing errors, I was too engaged in the story line to spot them.

Detractors will argue that Matti was too gullible and maybe not self-aware enough to know that she was attractive but the way in which the author brings these realizations combined with her background,  I believed that she puts on a dress, a salesperson exclaims and suddenly she says, “Yeah, maybe I do have something going on here.” That’s not to suggest that Abrahams dwells on Matti’s self-discovery. As with the rest of the novel, the realization is a matter of fact, given a human moment and then we move on.

Just in case the point has been missed in this glowing review, In Sedition: A Political Thriller was a truly wonderful read.  Contentious and gritty with the sense that we’re learning something about Washington in the reading process. I would recommend this to fans of John le Carré, Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn, and any other political thriller writers. In Sedition: A Political Thriller can stand up to their novels any day of the week.

I loved this novel. I am a big fan of political thrillers and In Sedition: A Political Thriller is done especially well. I’m looking forward to reading the next release from this author. Read a review of Allegiance by Tom Abrahams.

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