Creator Class by K.M. Breakey

Publication Date: October 15, 2012


Creator Class by K.M. BreakeyIn Creator Class by K.M. Breakey, it’s 2084 and the area formerly known as Vancouver is now known as Area 87. The people live happily following the laws of Earthism and those who don’t simply disappear. Shawn Lowe, an 18-year-old “P-Classer” knows that there’s more to his universe than what he can see, and his beloved Nana, who lived through the Great Transformation, confirms his suspicions. Shawn unknowingly has connections in very high places and he’s about to discover more than he ever wanted to know but will the price he pays for the knowledge be too high?


K.M. Breakey sent me this novel in a request for a review. Despite receiving this novel free, the glowing opinion below is my own true take.

Creator Class (The Creator Class Series) is going to be a book that I think about for a very long time. Breakey poses very poignant questions to the modern age about what we as people can stomach for the longevity of humanity, and what we’re doing with our world and the vast freedoms that we enjoy today. In the Creator Class (The Creator Class Series), the world has endured a Great Transformation that was, at its core, the slaughter of most human inhabitants. The eco-system is thriving. Species thought to be at risk are returning and the average lifespan is in the 90s. The population is closely guarded with the elite knowing all and having the ability to lead a charmed and luxurious life. They watch the P-Class for entertainment. The select few P-Classers know about C-Class, but very little. There are massive abuses of power and change is on the way.

Within the storyline, Shawn is moved up from P-Class to C-Class when a young girl, who has become obsessed with watching him in “the Zoo” (as P-Class is known) witnesses a shockingly treasonous conversation between Shawn and his Nana and fears that he’ll be terminated. She contacts him, an act forbidden in C-Class, and Shawn’s powerful protector in Government brings him to C-Class to protect him. What follows is both enlightening and tragic for Shawn causing him to question the framework of a society that won’t let its people excel.

This novel is well written and thought-provoking. Canadian author, Douglas Coupland, is brought up a few times in the narrative. Having read some of Coupland’s work, most notably, JPod: A Novel, I see certain similarities in thought between the authors. This isn’t to say that Breakey is in any way a copy of Coupland. Breakey is new, fresh and should probably be considered a modern day classic much like Orwell’s 1984 (also mentioned more than once in the novel).

I did not want to put this book down. The story was interesting, the characters well fleshed out and the alternative world plausible. My only complaint revolves around a minor plot point that seemed too open and well known but would include a massive spoiler to list. I truly enjoyed Creator Class (The Creator Class Series) and look forward to the next installment in this fascinating series.

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