Crogian by John Leahy

Publication Date: July 27, 2012


Crogian by John LeahyCrogian by John Leahy, takes place in 2010, a man in Alaska finds a silver cone in his gold stake. He digs and digs and the cone seems endless. He soon lets friends in, and before he knows it, the military has taken over the site. What could have the government so interested in the site, and how do giant creatures play a role? Will the survivors make it to the safety of Houston or will they join the victims of Crogian?



Crogian is John Leahy’s first novel.

If I were to nominate a novel for a first line that best sets the tone for the rest of the book, Crogian’s first line would be top of the list:

On the morning that he sealed the fates of millions of people, Ernie Fowler woke up hung-over, as usual.

I have a beef with this novel and it’s going to be a bit of a spoiler … giant bugs. For this reader, an author can choose no greater horror for the future than huge insects. I still have bad dreams 15 years after seeing “Mimic” in the theater when I unknowingly joined my then boyfriend (now husband) for what turned out to be 105 minutes of horrifyingly, large cockroaches. Crogian is a different type of horror, but no less horrifying and Leahy’s wonderfully descriptive writing style doesn’t help matters for the squeamish.

The setting described is perfect and beautiful. In one scene hummingbird-sized mosquitoes are chasing hummingbirds. In another scene, insects fight a battle and the innards of the loser spill in a colorful mess. This is well-written horror and easy to visualize with the author’s help. The beautiful description of horrible (for me) subject matter helps to move along a storyline with a sense of urgency.

Characterization and big moves seem to be Leahy’s strong suit. Larrigan, a Captain with the Air Force, was brutal and matter of fact but very human as well. Characters had very realistic motivations in an unrealistic situation. I loved the way this novel made my skin crawl. The author made a detailed and expertly plotted world and disaster. Crogian was an amazing outing for a first-time author. I can’t wait to read what John Leahy writes next.

If you like horror, creepy reads and just generally well-written fiction, then this novel is for you. You can read an excerpt and buy Crogian by John Leahy on

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