The Christmas Exhibition (Matt & Jill Prequels Book 1) by V.T. Vaughn

Publication Date: November 27, 2012


V.T. Vaughn The Christmas ExhibitionJill and Matt have been dating a little shy of a year when Jill comes home from a holiday work party drunk. She was a bit of an exhibitionist at the party and the boss’s son insulted her. She got a peek at his penis and becomes obsessed with desire for him and the idea of humiliating him. Will telling Matt ruin what she has with him or take their relationship to a new level?



To my knowledge, V.T. Vaughn is not related in any way to my father or myself.

When I think of erotica as a genre, The Christmas Exhibition is the kind of work I picture. I don’t think that true erotica could ever be made into any sort of movie besides XXX. The sex is constant and forces the storyline so there’s no way to edit it and maintain the spirit of the story. Jill comes home and tells Matt about the work party as they have sex and the events of the party heighten their satisfaction. There is no wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am in this story; the main characters have the staying power of superheroes. When you hear people who can go all night, these are the people.

I read an article today in which suspected killer Amanda Knox talks about her sex life when she got to Italy. She says (paraphrased) that her sexual adventures were about empowerment and control and not about if she liked her partner or not. This quote describes Jill’s motivation to perfection. Matt is consumed with desire and yet the fear that the much more experienced Jill will become too comfortable stepping out of their relationship. Jill, on the one hand, wants to be desired, and on the other hand, wants to be debased. She hates Sean but wants him because he looked on her with revulsion because she wasn’t a woman who could be bought by his money. Several times in the novel Matt hates himself and hates Jill for what he suspects she’s doing and she, on the other hand, seems to hate him. Jill tells us throughout the story, as Knox said, that her desire for Sean is about control but is it really more a reflection of her lack of self-control? Is Jill truly just a slave to her obsessions?

I find the psychology of this couple absolutely fascinating. They love humiliating each other, the idea of perversion and the idea of cheating in spirit.The Christmas Exhibition is the first in a series of books featuring Jill and Matt several years into the future. We know in the future based novels that Jill and Matt engage in the swinging lifestyle. So at some point, Matt becomes comfortable (or more so) with Jill actually being with another man. In the end, it’s for the reader to decide — is Jill really getting the upper hand on Sean or is she simply a slave to her need to be wanted — her need to be an exhibitionist?

I think fans of erotica will really likeThe Christmas Exhibition. The sex is very graphic and drives the plot.

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your review had me convinced. so i bought it, read it and i have to agree with you – it is really, really hot. i love a read that actually suceeds in being arousing.

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