The Battle For Brisingamen: (Freya’s Power) by Harmony Kent

Publication Date: May 5, 2013


The Battle For Brisingamen by Harmony KentIn The Battle For Brisingamen by Harmony Kent, a Dutch fisherman finds a jawbone that is thousands of years old giving scientists reason to hope that a submerged land bridge between France and England has been found. They discover a world instead, steeped in deep magic and protected by ancient races. Little do they realize the danger they face.



The author, Harmony Kent, provided me with a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

There are some books that a person reads and knows that the novel they’ve read if it were to hit its market, would be a smash. The Battle For Brisingamen is one of those novels. Deeply complex and intricately plotted, Kent brings the reader something into which the public can really immerse themselves and come out feeling as though they’ve read, but they’ve also learned something. If you think this means I loved the novel, you would be wrong. It could be the time in which I read, but I found myself somewhat confused while reading. This is a book that takes focus, and I just didn’t have that focus at the time of reading.

The novel starts by moving a bit freely in the time stream. We meet Aart — the widower and fisherman, Dirck — the professor looking to discover the ocean’s secrets and Gemma — Dirck’s lovesick assistant whose biological clock is pounding like a time bomb.The Battle For Brisingamen is a necklace that holds the ancient power of a goddess and can keep the humans from drilling for oil and saving the mystical land. The Battle For Brisingamen is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland in the respect that the characters are out of their element and fighting to survive. Kent gives the reader mystery, intrigue, sex, action and characters risking their lives for a greater good. Kent’s writing is an immersive experience.

The Battle For Brisingamen is a very cleanly written work of fiction. This reader didn’t note any errors in formatting or language presentation and believes that this novel could easily hold its own with any entry in the fantasy genre in your local bookstore. The tone is slightly foreign in keeping with a foreign setting but will not ring as false to the ear of a modern reader.

This may sound like and in a sense, is a rave review. I think a lot of people will really like the style and story. The presentation of the storyline leads a reader to think toward popular fiction with deep undertones that seem to educate while reading. Kent builds her characters subtly and her story isn’t weighed down in exposition. This reader simply found the story hard to follow. This is a story that requires focus and I was not at a point where I could focus. I found myself going back several times to re-read and get a better sense of how the story got to certain points. There are a lot of characters and a lot of mystical lines to draw together. I believe the author successfully did so at the end but couldn’t swear that she did. The Battle For Brisingamen is a prime example of how life sometimes interferes with the perception of art.

If you have read this story, drop me a line. Did I get this review right? Is Kent an all-star in the making? Let me know.

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