I Do by Charlotte L.R. Kane

Publication Date: April 25, 2013


I Do by Charlotte L.R. Kane book reviewBryony and Jackson are planning their wedding and choose to have it at an ancient castle. Back in 1963 at this same venue, a bride was killed by her fiancé as she prepared to walk down the aisle. When the ghost of the dead bride possesses Bryony, strange things start to happen and as the wedding nears the ghost gets angry. Will the wedding go through or will Bryony and the ghost be bound together for eternity?



The author, Charlotte L.R. Kane sent me a copy of this novella in exchange for my review.

Looking at the description of [easyazon-link asin=”B00CJHOEO0″ locale=”us”]I Do[/easyazon-link], this reader was quite excited. The cover is awesomely creepy depicting a pale, dead, antiquated looking bride (though fat and forty like the dead bride character, she’s not). Kane’s cover brilliantly coveys that a wonderful horror story will follow. To buoy the cover, the description made the plot sound deliciously creepy and as though all sorts of hi-jinks might ensue. In actual fact, this is a story of a bride wronged in the worst way one can be, and looking for some validation, so that she can move on to the afterlife. Each plot twist seemed less a bang and more a fizzle. The ghost of the dead bride co-inhabit Bryony’s body. Neither the ghost nor Bryony is truly in control. The ghost wants Bryony to help her get revenge, but that revenge seems somewhat lackluster.

The author posted an updated version of the story on May 13, 2013 due to editing errors. I was very careful to read this version but did find some of the language to be contrary, if not confusing. For example, Bryony goes for her dress fitting:

She had chosen it the day before and was having her last dress fitting later that week. She couldn’t wait to see the look Jackson would have when he saw her in it. She had chosen it that morning and it hadn’t taken her long to find the perfect dress.

Did she choose the dress the day before or in that very morning? I read the passage many times to be sure that I hadn’t completely misunderstood it.

The plotline of [easyazon-link asin=”B00CJHOEO0″ locale=”us”]I Do[/easyazon-link] is a truly good idea. The author had a dream and perhaps didn’t execute it in the most consistent way but there is a mystery and an edge. Why did the ghost latch on to Bryony? Will the revenge she sees as freedom work and if it doesn’t, will Jackson be living with Bryony or the ghost? The ghost is impulsive, selfish and immature and it also adds to the flavor of unpredictability and Kane conveys that unpredictability without seeming contrived.

Kane has a lot of talent and that talent is undisputed. She is a talent of ideas and writing unpredictable characters. The story, while not the best thing I’ve ever read, reeks of potential in the horror genre. That said, Kane’s talent is not highlighted to its obvious potential in [easyazon-link asin=”B00CJHOEO0″ locale=”us”]I Do[/easyazon-link].

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