Visits by John Phelps

Publication Date: January 26, 2013


Visits by John PhelpsIn Visits by John Phelps, Tony Lansing is 60 years old and has decided that it’s time to fight back. For years, he’s brushed things off but he’s ready to make a list and make sure that everyone on it gets what they deserve. His ex-wife, old friends and whoever has done him wrong had better start watching their backs because Tony Lansing is out for blood.





The author, John Phelps, gave me a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

This reader was hooked on Visits from the prologue. Phelps’s descriptive talent led chills dancing down the spine as this reader watched him execute a prostitute. Phelps is one of those authors who can write a high level of violence so matter-of-factly that the reader is shocked by each new discovery of the depths to which Tony Lansing will go to avenge himself. There is a weight to the atmosphere of the novel that chills to the bone. Tony is an average car salesman. Have you worked with him? Or maybe said something to him you may come to regret?

Phelps has a reason for what Tony does, and he explains the motives through his character. The risk is that a reader will see Tony as an unsympathetic psychopath, but the possible reward is a reader bonding with the character. It can’t be said either that the goal was not accomplished with this reader. I do so love a good baddie and Tony is the best kind of baddie.

I have only been to Daytona a few times and never spending any real time there, but its clear setting is very important to this author. There is a feeling of authenticity in the locales highlighted in the novel. The setting acts as a character in itself, adding a so important mood and atmosphere to the third-person perspective of Tony’s inner workings.

Visits is not for everyone. I know readers who will not read violence or gore. The ending is wonderfully unpredictable, but the path to the end is not littered with butterflies and rainbows. Tony has a deadly mission and he does not stare people to death. Blood is shed.

I loved Visits by John Phelps. It’s fabulously gritty and cleverly written; this novel has all of the elements that make us thriller fans run out and buy a novel. According to John Phelps, he doesn’t make any lists.

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