Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan

Publication Date: May 11, 2013


Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert BevanIn Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) by Robert Bevan, Tom, Dave, Julian and Cooper are a group of friends of varied mythical races and hire on to load the cargo hold of a ship only to find themselves hijacked by pirates. Will they be the temporary love slaves of the pirates or will they escape and somehow find their way back to civilization?



Bevan is a man’s man author. He is ribald, unfiltered and wrote an instructional thesis on the f-word in Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures). His work, for the most part, is very raw but not offensive. Bevan skates the politically correct lines. But, underneath the frat boy humor is a subtext of social commentary. Bevan offers a message of working together for a common goal. I could be completely off base but I felt a bit of social commentary in the narrative.

The plot is fairly straightforward. The quartet (and the raven familiar) have to evade the lascivious tendencies of the pirates and effect an escape from their predicament. It helps, but only marginally that one of their numbers has low-level magic. The twists and turns are creative in a “yo bro” kind of way that is frequently so stupid one cannot help but laugh out loud. Lots of naked humor, lots of sexual innuendoes, lots of swearing and lots of vomit and peeing proficiency. Boys can pee standing up, we get it. They also will drink vomit if it appears to have alcohol left in it. Ewwwww. LOL.

Shipfaced (Caverns and Creatures) is part of the Caverns and Creatures series. My only complaint about the novella is that very little of the lore is explained. Clearly, the quartet came from somewhere else. I’m sure their backstory is explained in an earlier novella and, if not, there is much that can be surmised from what is told but it would have been nice to have had more laid out.

I got this book free on on August 12, 2013. If you’re looking for a wacky and silly read that is written with intelligence but not filter, pick this one up.

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