Warrior of the Nile: Gods of Egypt by Veronica Scott

Publication Date: September 16, 2013


VS_Warrior_of_the_NileKhenet, the Pharaoh’s adopted brother, has been chosen to escort Tiya to marry the evil ruler of Viper Nome. They know that their mission will lead to death. Tiya has the mark of the goddess Nephthys and her value to the ruler lies within the power she doesn’t realize she has. Nephthys professes that her plan is to save Egypt, but is the tricky goddess to be trusted? With their lives on the line will Khenet and Tiya go quietly or will they fight?

The author, Veronica Scott, sent me this novel as an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for my review.

When Veronica Scott sent me [easyazon-link asin=”B00CV30WY8″ locale=”us”]Warrior of the Nile: The Gods of Egypt[/easyazon-link] she expressed concern. This novel, set in ancient Egypt, is so different from her science fiction romances. I have a special interest in ancient Egypt that was unknown to Ms. Scott, but even so, the historical and science fiction genres in the context presented are not so different.

In [easyazon-link asin=”B00CV30WY8″ locale=”us”]Warrior of the Nile: The Gods of Egypt[/easyazon-link], Scott presents the reader with a foreign setting and deeply superstitious people. They are ruled by tradition and magic and by the all-so-flawed gods and goddesses that modern children study in mythology class. They are hedonists—sly and willing—to use the people as pawns sacrificing them at will. There is a ritual formality inherent in the way that Scott writes ancient Egypt that fits well with the spirit of the time. While Khenet and Tiya are on the Nile, they experience a sandstorm that is announced by yellow clouds in the distance. Those who cannot imagine a sandstorm will visualize it perfectly with those two words of description. Scott has polished her craft in a setting with which she clearly experiences comfort.

As with her science fiction romance, Scott’s character development is strong. Khenet is a warrior. Khenet is the last of his people (also see Tom Deverane of [easyazon-link asin=”0989590321″ locale=”us”]Escape From Zulaire[/easyazon-link].). He was adopted as a child into the home of the Pharaoh where he always felt like the odd man out. He fought side by side with the reigning Pharaoh and they grew to regard each other as friends. He also has an image of court that isn’t flattering to anyone. His views are challenged when Tiya volunteers herself to the goddess.

The way Tiya sees it, she has nothing to lose. She’s going to be forced to marry her stepmother’s brother and between herself and her two cousins, she’d rather have them live happy lives. This is the kind of person Tiya has grown to be. This vision of the two characters is conveyed very succinctly within the first moments of meeting them. As they travel, we get to know the characters in a deeper sense. They expand and grow organically within the story line. They have a lot of downtime but are never boring. Scott uses their internal dialogue to cleverly enhance the bond that grows between them.

There is a cohesive style in all of the books I’ve read by Veronica Scott that is endearing. These main characters are likable. They are people perfectly suited and destined to find each other but blocked by circumstance. In the case of Tiya and Khenet, it’s that she is pledged to make an alliance that will save Egypt.

I highly recommend the work of Veronica Scott to romance readers. This author is skilled at integrating an interesting story with stellar characters and deliciously malicious and clever baddies. [easyazon-link asin=”B00CV30WY8″ locale=”us”]Warrior of the Nile: The Gods of Egypt[/easyazon-link] is one of those reads that you will simply not want to put down.

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