Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles by David Bruns

Publication Date: March 2, 2014


Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles – Book One by David Bruns

In Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles by David Bruns, a child turns thirteen in Sindra, a futuristic world, they are implanted with crystals that connect them to the other adults in their world so that they become part of The Community. Speech is forbidden and telepathy is the only acceptable way to communicate. If you speak, you will be recycled. If you look different when you are born, you will be recycled. There are tight holds within The Community. Maribel is a scientist. Irradiance is book one of the Dream Guild Chronicles.


The author, David Bruns, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

David Bruns really hit it out of the park with the world he built in Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles. There is a menace lurking in the constant watchfulness and connectivity of The Community. This complex world is like a clear film layer over our own potential future. Everyone is the same. Everyone is connected to and monitored by The Community. There is no freedom of expression or freedom to marry the person you love. You are attached to your genetic match and if you’re approved to have children they are bred in The Hatchery until old enough to go home with their parents. Maribel and her genetic mate, Reese, are approved for children. One of whom is born without the acceptable pale skin, white-blond hair and light eyes and should be slated for recycling, but he is saved by a doctor who wishes his parents to raise him so that he can be observed and studied. It seems the twins are special in a way suspected by, but not shared with their parents.

At 168 pages, Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles is short for its genre. Despite its brevity, Bruns ensures that his tale doesn’t lack impact. While Maribel is the feature player, Bruns follows other characters in order to give readers a complete picture of what the characters face. When Maribel and Reese’s children are taken back to The Hatchery, for the reader to not be with them would have left a hole in the narrative. Without Reese telling us how he and Maribel met, their connection would have seemed somewhat false. There is an inherent flatness to the characters as would be suited to The Community. The magic is in the way Maribel, Reese and the other characters grow away from the cattle.

As happens within the genre, there is a bit of a cautionary edge to the story. The Community is built on government regulations gone out of hand. The Orwellian overtones are clear. Those who feel fear, live in fear from the frequently traumatic and deadly induction into The Community.

Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles is a fascinating read, from the first to last to the last page. The darkness of the narrative leads the reader deeper into the story, hoping to see light. If you love the social commentary of the work of Orwell you will adore David Bruns.

David Bruns is a former Navy Officer who loves to travel and lives in the central United States. Irradiance: The Dream Guild Chronicles is his second novel.

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