Trophy Target by Allen Mitchum

Publication Date: March 15, 2014


Trophy Target by Allen MitchumIn Trophy Target by Allen Mitchum, The heir to the Danish throne has been living the life of an ex-soldier in French Guiana when he disappears. When word of his disappearance reaches his family, the younger brother of the heir, Prince Erik, hires the world’s best mercenary, Fadi Kalhoun, to find his brother.




The author, Allen Mitchum, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller is a real treat for fans of Daniel Silva. Mitchum gives readers an expertly executed character in a world that could and probably does exist in the shadows of our world. Brutal mercenaries, organizations poised for control and manipulations of government officials all in the name of self-service.

In the description of the novel, Fadi is sold as the ultimate badass. He is more anti-hero than badass. Fadi is a canny survivor doing what he can to sustain him and best use his talents. Like Barry Eisler’s John Rain, he hides a bit in plain sight. He’s traveling on a bus that is attacked by the Taliban and steals one of the Taliban’s vehicles. When he reaches a city, Fadi knows he must change vehicles so approaches a young man whose vehicle he deems likely and pleads for a cigarette citing a difficult life event. This non-threatening appearance and ability to blends give him an edge that makes thriller anti-heroes so appealing. Look at the person next to you on the subway, the author sneers, that could be the person who will kill you and make it look like an accident.

Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller is an exquisitely polished novel. Readers will see no difference in writing style and quality from some of the better-known names of the genre. Fadi is typical of the genre in that we get to know him without ever having had the sense of getting to know him. The air of mystery which sustains novels of the genre is seamless and serves the genre well in that most of the progression of the story. Mitchum takes us from the rough terrain of Guiana to the Danish Royal House back then to the sandy and hot terrain of Afghanistan. The reader understands that these are locations the author has either researched heavily or visited and that the locations and the tenuous danger of them work as a separate character in his piece.

The motivations are given for an insider to betray the Danish government served as a usual layer to Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller that further stands to set the piece apart. The driving force was unusual, logical and written in such a way that readers will find engaging. The storyline involving Prince Erik and the person trying to manipulate results could have easily been relegated to a secondary place and not developed, but Mitchum does not cheat his readers in a sense of urgency or excitement.

I especially enjoyed Mitchum’s ability to move seamlessly from Fadi to Prince Erik without jarring the reader. Each transition was logical and though the stories in and of themselves were connected but very differently placed, neither story line felt as though it had a need to grandstand. Though fictional, the story read as a look behind what one might read in the newspaper. As international thrillers go, Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller is top notch.

If you are a fan of international thrillers in the same vein as Daniel Silva and unpredictable anti-heroes, read an excerpt and pick up Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller by Allen Mitchum today on

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About Allen Mitchum
Allen Mitchum is a thriller author based in Washington D.C. Trophy Target: A Lethal Solutions Thriller is the first novel in an intended series featuring Fadi Khaldun. For more information about him and his work, connect with him on Goodreads.

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