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July 2, 2014


AQ_A_Collectors_ItemIn A Collector’s Item: Rowena’s After Dark Regency Romance, Alaric, The Earl of Brayleigh, is a notorious collector. When he sees the young and lovely Rowena Arlingby he knows that she will be a perfect addition to his collection. Rowena wants only one thing from the Earl and that is help finding a killer so that her brother can return to England. Trust is essential and greatly lacking in their partnership. Can they find a killer together?


For the most part, A Collector’s Item: Rowena’s After Dark Regency Romance fits a pretty standard formula. The Boy wants something. He’s older and a bit of a man-ho. The girl is young, innocent but uniquely bright for the women of her era. Usually, a man-ho can’t find the desire to have sex with anyone else after they meet. Not so in the case of Alaric, but the man knows the system and works it to his advantage. As Regency romances go, A Collector’s Item: Rowena’s After Dark Regency Romance stands up well against the work of Julia Quinn and Stephanie Lauren.

[easyazon-link asin=”B00LI91B0K” locale=”us”]A Collector’s Item: Rowena’s After Dark Regency Romance[/easyazon-link] has a mystery storyline. Rowena goes from believing her brother dead, to knowing he’s alive to understanding that he’s being used in a sense against her when her alliance with Alaric is known. While maintaining conflict, Quigley allows her characters to lay out their situations in a way that organizes them logically for the reader. While the incident is 12 years in the past, it’s as fresh with society as the day it happened. The “ton” is like an elephant, they never forget which means Rowena’s brother may never come home without her action.

We’re meant to believe that Rowena is analytical as well as ethereal. The insistence on love maybe belies her intelligent side. Any woman of the day might have known what to expect so perhaps an ambition of living alone in the countryside might have been more realistic, but as we get to know her that she is perhaps a bit of a stupid romantic makes her a bit human.

Alaric was perhaps a riskier choice. He is a barely redeemable jerk. Quigley understands that he needs his collection and that he chooses items, as he did Rowena, as much for how he feels for them as their monetary value. His heart is not the front entrance is Sotheby’s as it may seem at first. This is a couple who may try and fail, but tenacity is a given. They are also very much of the day. Had they been contemporary romance, perhaps the police would be in line, but they are of a patriarchal society and some readers may find that grating.

Together this pair fights a truly evil foe in an attempt to clear Alaric’s name as well as return Rowena’s brother to his home and title. A Collector’s Item: Rowena’s After Dark Regency Romance culminates in an exciting and risky plan. Throw some dreamers and schemers into the mix and you have what is an engrossing tale perfect for the beach or a long car ride.

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