Part-Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 by Pamela DuMond

Release Date: September 18, 2014


Part-Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 by Pamela DuMond

In Part-Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 by Pamela DuMond, Lady Elizabeth Billingsley hires an unemployed cocktail waitress, Lucy Trabbicio to impersonate her. Lucy is hired for ten days while Elizabeth finishes business in the United States. Lucy’s task is to entertain a prince likely to propose. When another man with a history with Elizabeth catches Lucy’s eye and is bent on inserting himself into her life, her task will only become harder. Will Lucy be successful or will she be found out before Elizabeth can return?


The producer and narrator, Lesley Ann Fogel, sent me a copy of the audiobook in exchange for my review.

Lucy is very down on her luck when she receives the offer to step into Elizabeth’s very posh shoes. She’s unemployed and paying for the nursing home in which her uncle resides. She needs a miracle and while she seems to know the task set will not be easy, she feels it’s really her best chance to get ahead. Part-Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 is told from Lucy’s point of view and Fogel’s voice acting initially came off as somewhat vacuous, but it soon became clear that Lucy is just a very unsure young woman with a lot at stake. No matter what happens and what training she endures to be Elizabeth, Lucy maintains her own unique and fresh voice.

As well as we get to know Lucy, many of the other characters are stock players. Prince Christoph was haughty and shallow. While he plays a major part in the novel, it felt as though the author didn’t intend for the readers to get to know him because he really wouldn’t matter in the story. As pages turned and Christoph continued in the story, the lack of development started to feel more like a true lack of focus. When Shakespeare said there was nothing new under the sun, he had no idea how true that would be in the modern age. DuMond follows in the footsteps of many best-selling authors with this fill-in-the-blank sort of place marker. Readers have read Christoph before and surely they’ll put their own vision of the super-rich, shallow douche bag in the place of Christoph to flesh him out.

The insta-attraction is a pet peeve of this reader. Though Nick has a history with Elizabeth, Lucy’s falling for him seems solely based on the fact that he looks good and they have snap-together private parts. Throughout the book, there is really no indication of why these two humans would share the magnetic pull, we’re told they do. Insta-attraction aside, everything is too easy for Lucy. She’s a good-hearted girl who, bless her, isn’t all that bright but even when all is revealed…well, I won’t give that away. One wonders at the end why she would not just have been able to work things out, stay home and eat ice cream. That is certainly what I’d would have done. DuMond is an excellent technical writer and many readers will be able to look past these plot devices in the pursuit of a fairly cheesy and definitely funny romance read. Cheesy can be a wonderful quality in a book but Part Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 didn’t hit the Tammy cheesy love zone.

Lesley Ann Fogel’s narration of Part-time Princess is wonderfully appropriate. She has the lightness of voice to be appropriate to an adrift 20-something and invested Lucy with a wonderful personality. There were moments where it seemed the narrator was really enjoying the work and embodying the fish out of water, Lucy.

If you’re looking for a fun, flirty, light romance novel, Part-Time Princess: Ladies-in-Waiting Book 1 may be your perfect Saturday evening read. Be sure to pick it up in audiobook format. Fogel’s voice acting adds a dimension of interest not to be missed.

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Title Part-Time Princess
Author Pamela DuMond
Narration Lesley Ann Fogle
Length 7 hours and 33 minutes
Released September 18, 2014


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