A Foolish Consistency by Andrea Weir

Publication Date: September 15, 2014


A Foolish Consistency by Andrea Weir

In A Foolish Consistency by Andrea Weir, Callie and Will have lived other lives in the twenty years since they nearly married. When they meet again in an emergency room it seems like the hand of fate. Both now unencumbered, the spark is still there. They soon discover that as much as they may be willing to maintain a long-distance relationship, there are forces working against them. Will’s children are young and have lost their mother and cannot abide the idea of anyone trying to take their place. As stress mounts, will Callie and Will have what it takes to make it?


The author, Andrea Weir, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.

A Foolish Consistency is a very real story. Two people miss making a lasting connection and start lives. They have children and experiences that cause them to evolve and grow as people. Callie’s marriage failed, while Will’s wife died. Each character carries their own level of insecurity and guilt left from their relationships, but they are willing to test the waters to build a new bond with the one that got away. Moving on is especially tough for Will as his late wife’s family is eager to keep him locked in her memory.

Weir’s novel is a high-drama piece. Some readers may see themselves in the emotional ups and downs of the characters. In the ups and downs, Callie’s family is somewhat supportive but Will has everyone against him and every reason not to continue pursuing happiness with Callie. Weir writes a dead end only to reverse that position with the skill and grace of a practiced writer. A Foolish Consistency tears out the reader’s heart with no promise of ever restoring it.

Were I to compare the writing of A Foolish Consistency to another author, Nicolas Sparks is the only writer that leaps to mind. The story is intricate and carefully plotted. Contemporary romance lends itself well to a logical path. Weir’s writing style is fluid and fast moving. All loose ends are tied, and there are a few moments initiated and forgotten so that A Foolish Consistency can easily be read and enjoyed in one sitting.

I’m a full believer in the idea that to be complete as a couple, we have to be completely alone. Callie faces a challenge many women who married young do when their marriages fall apart. She’s on her own, and she’s worked hard to make sure that she’ll be financially independent (Callie is teaching and living a comfortable, if not lavish, life). As women we struggle to know who we are outside of the families; we build, and when we choose mates and find the balance between our families and ourselves, it’s exhilarating. Will may have the resistance from his family, but Callie has a blossoming self-awareness and wonders if the sweetest reconnection is worth the potential loss of the Callie she’s become.

Weir’s understanding of her characters and ability to convey them is a skill. These are fully realized humans, fighting very real emotional battles. The supposed “baddies” have very clear motivations, and while misguided, are very well meaning in their influence. All in all A Foolish Consistency is not the sort of novel I would normally embrace, but it is beautifully constructed and impossible not to appreciate the level of care the author gave her story and characters.

If you like contemporary romance and human stories, A Foolish Consistency is a perfect read for you.

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