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Hand_TruckFaithful readers may notice that for the last several months the number of new reviews posted on this site has dropped dramatically. In October of last year, we made a sudden decision to list our house for sale. Preparing for the sale consumed our lives. Ultimately, we sold the house and found a new one in our desired area, where we’re sure we’ll be very happy.

Because the house we sold is located in a rural area, we’ve had intermittent Internet problems for years. I’m happy to report that the new house and area to which we’re moving has a wealth of options. We chose to go with Cogeco and I’m happy to report that they have very good reviews for Internet services in our new surroundings.

In the new house, I’ll have a designated reading and review-writing room and I am looking forward to sharing pictures.

As I sit waiting for the lawyers to call to tell us that they have the keys to our new home, I’m excited about the reviews to come and I am thrilled to find  really wonderful stories for my readers.

I’d like to apologize to those authors still waiting for their reviews. You haven’t been forgotten and I will be following up on those books as soon as I have settled in.

I will continue to post spontaneously in the upcoming weeks before returning to publishing reviews regularly. This site has over 400 reviews—take the opportunity to drop by and read some older reviews from the previous year—maybe you will discover a new author.

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Thanks, Kathleen. There are three of us and each will have our own “office.” I choose to call my office a reading room. ?

Dave Neuendorf

Please consider reviewing my new Fantasy novel, The Summoned King. It’s currently a Kindle book on Amazon. I’ll gladly send you a review copy on request.

Dave Neuendorf

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