Your Invitation to Paris by Renee Bartle

Publication Date: February 9, 2016



Join Renee and her friend, Inna, as they spend two days touring Paris.




I was given a copy of this book by the author, Renee Bartle, in exchange for my review.

Your Invitation to Paris is an illustrated travelogue of the author’s brief stay in that city. I once heard an author speak at a networking group who said, “Don’t tell me something is beautiful, tell me why you find it beautiful.” Impressions are subjective. Bartle’s descriptions are colorful and include photographs that chronicle her experience of the city both perceived accomplishments and regrets.

Standing at a light 28 pages, what Your Invitation to Paris lacks in elegance, it gains in charm. The tome is a conversation with a friend that had a great trip. This Whovian wold be remise to not award bonus points for the callback on Page nine to the episode of Doctor Who entitled “The Girl in the Fireplace.” Written by Stephen Moffat and one of the best episodes of the modern Doctor franchise; the author is struck by Versailles and reminded of the episode.

There are many awkward starts and stops and shifts in Your Invitation to Paris. While that can be distracting to the reader, in this work it reads more as the way people speak. Bartle is telling us the story of her whirlwind visit and the reader is entranced by the rapid fire observation (that said, the style will not be for everyone). Interlaced in the “We came, we saw, we conquered” aspect of the work are helpful travel takeaways. One of the big ones for me is that even if you think it’s cheesy, get pictures of yourself when you travel. Mr. Rabid Readers and I could have used that tip on our honeymoon to Paris as the only picture we have of ourselves was taken by a street vendor near the Arc de Triomphe. Another great tip was to do what you can while you can.

Your Invitation to Paris is a beautifully written and charming love letter specifically to Paris, but generally to travel. You may note that the work refreshed a number of memories for this reader. If you’re not filled with delight at the idea of traveling back to Paris after reading Bartle’s experiences, you will want to experience it for the first time. The young author’s glee at seeing the world and delight in it will captivate your imagination. I look forward to reading more of Bartle’s travels.

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