Wedding Bells for Brett by David D’Aguanno

Publication Date: March 15, 2018


Wedding Bells for Brett by David D'AguannoIn Wedding Bells for Brett by David D’Aguanno, Brett Cornell, a heartthrob for the 1980s, once again finds himself in hot water. A young woman that Brett married as a proxy of sorts is found dead in a hotel room under suspicious circumstances. Can Brett solve the case and dodge the sentence for which he seems destined. Wedding Bells for Brett is the fourth book in the Brett Cornell series.

The author gave me a copy of this audiobook in exchange for my review.

While listening to Wedding Bells for Brett, I was really struck by the idea of bringing characters who are generally reprehensible and treat people horribly doing awful things into the realm of humanity (to misquote the movie “Capote”). The bullied school shooter, the abused child who kills its parents and then Brett whose outlook on women and life seems to have been shaped by emotional abandonment. There are reasons and whether one considers them valid there are always people who pat the hand and say “You can’t really blame them.” You can. In fiction, we have the ability to suspend disbelief and right wrongs. Not that I’m suggesting Brett is that deep. These days he’d be considered a pariah but for his time, he was what men were. Brett is not a character who would be embraced in all walks of life. He’s a misogynist who considers sex to be part of his job description for his employees (no fatties need to apply) and conflict an art form. He moves from woman to woman slapping asses and not bothering to take names, but it’s just not necessary. In Wedding Bells for Brett, we get an added dimension to the character in an offhand way. We know that he’s not the most reliable of narrators. He’s a legend in his own mind if not his community, but how he came to be that way has been hinted at lightly. In Wedding Bells for Brett, Brett furthers the topic mentioning overhearing his mother talk about dropping him off in the country like a stray dog. We realize that Brett is rejecting connection before it rejects him.

Wedding Bells for Brett is a complex tale and, as with the other books in the Brett Cornell series, goes off in a number of directions before coming back to the main thrust of the story. Brett is asked by Daniel Denson to marry Pamela as a proxy and then leave her at the hotel. That Pamela dies at the hotel with Daniel never showing up doesn’t speak well for Brett nor does his adversarial relationship with the police department who would be beyond ecstatic to see him brought down for the murder. The problem with being a proud bastard is that there aren’t that many people who are going to go out of their way to make sure you don’t spend the rest of your life behind bars. D’Aguanno manages his story lines with dexterity so that there’s a natural flow. Everything is a build. Brett’s malapropisms as he tells his story (he’s a big deal, you know, probably had “descendants on the Titanic) keep the readers amused and on the train serving as action as the tension builds giving those unexpected moments, so rare to frequent readers, extra impact.

Travis Henry Carter really shines in this latest look at the man with the golden mustache. Listening to Brett’s voice you’d think that there is no way he can credibly change characters let alone voice a female. He does tend to shift perhaps a bit prissy in cadence but when the character shift happens it is clear and natural. While I’ve thought Carter embodied Brett from the first audiobook, the narrator really stepped into his own as far as smooth shifts in Wedding Bells for Brett. All of the characters are distinct and consistent.

Wedding Bells for Brett is a wonderfully amusing story that is masterfully narrated. Pick the series up today and make sure you do so on audiobook. Seriously, you’re missing out if Brett’s story is not in his own voice.

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Title Wedding Bells for Brett
Author David D’Aguanno
Narration  Travis Henry Carter
Length 6 hours and 46 minutes
Released March 15, 2018

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