Upcoming Podcast – The Doors of Heritage by Amherstburg History


Hough House at Fort Malden. At varied times administration building, asylum and now museum

Do you love history? No matter where you are in the world, this podcast focused on the history of a small town in Essex County, Ontario may be for you.  Amherstburg history is Canadian/American history. 

Amherstburg, Ontario is located in southwestern Ontario on the banks of the intersection of the Detroit River and Lake Erie. The cities of Wyandotte and Monroe, Michigan can be seen from the waterfront and it’s the home of Fort Malden which was established in 1796. On the outskirts of the town is the site of the first casualties of the War of 1812 as well as the bloodiest battle of Prohibition (between a small band of Canadian farmers and the Coast Guard). Amherstburg has also long been thought to have the busiest outlet for the Underground Railroad due to the narrow and fairly calm waters (I learned this at the very informative and interesting Amherstburg Freedom Museum formerly known as the North American Black Historical Museum). Amherstburg is mentioned in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The Park House (now a museum) was moved from Detroit to Amherstburg in 1799. 

Amherstburg is a town rich with a colourful history which attracted this reviewer to the area in 2003. The

Park House Museum

Doors of Heritage will be hosted by historian, Robert Honor, Park House Curator, Stephanie Pouget, former deputy clerk, Cindy Hazael-Gietz and new Amherstburg resident, Sarah Haefling (who also hosts a podcast called Made it Happen. The Podcast seeks to tells stories from the past, highlight the structures making the lovely heritage landscape of the town and to tell the stories of the new people living in Amherstburg’s heritage homes.

Amherstburg Echo Building built in 1915 and designed by JC Pennington. Now home to Caffeine and Company

So why I am I recommending a podcast that has not yet appeared. I have known host Robert Honor and his wife (not a host but a truly intelligent and well informed lady) for approximately 5 years now and find the stories they tell and knowledge they have about Amherstburg and general history to be endlessly fascinating. The wealth of potential historical topics available, depth of the at-hand knowledge and general ability to speak publicly (Robert leads walking tours in Amherstburg) make for a perfect podcast format. I’ve also met Stephanie Pouget in passing and found her passion and knowledge even in our brief meeting, of the spirit that listening to her speak would be a great way to pass the time while traveling to work or take that hypothetical walk we’ll all be thinking about taking again once the weather breaks. 

Wyandotte Indian Cemetery – site of the bloodiest battle of Prohibition

While The Doors of Heritage has not been released, you can now subscribe and listen to a trailer of the show. Their first recording is scheduled to take place on March 11th in the former Echo (now Caffeine and Company – picture taken by me at some point last year) building. You can subscribe now and listen to the trailer by searching The Doors of Heritage on any podcast platform you prefer. Click here for a Spotify link.

View from Navy Yard Park of the Detroit River looking toward Lake Erie

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