Body Movers by Stephanie Bond

Publication Date: July 1, 2007


SB_Body_MoversCarlotta Wren’s last decade has not been easy. It started with her parents being charged with a crime and going on the run and then her posh fiancé dumping her. She was left to raise her 9-year-old brother, Wesley, and supports them by selling designer clothes at Neiman Marcus. Wesley, at 19, is not the easiest of siblings. When he gets caught hacking a government computer to clear a few fines, Carlotta has had enough. With the attractive Detective Jack Terry on her heels trying to find her parents and working to keep her brother’s loan sharks at bay, the last thing Carlotta needs is for her old rival and wife of her former fiancé who left her to turn up dead. Life, it seems, is not always as you plan.


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