White Leaves (E.L.F.) by Michael P. Ness

Publication Date: June 18, 2013

Serialized on JukePop Serials and updated weekly.


White Leaves (E.L.F.) by Michael P. NessIn White Leaves (E.L.F.) by Michael P. Ness, Shannon Hunter and her band of Eco-Crusaders are blowing up trucks in the name of Mother Nature when an elf-like creature aims a deadly arrow at her and misses, shooting a Federal Agent. Shannon is then shot by Agent Ben Connelly, who believes she killed his partner and is taken into custody. Not sure what happened to her fellow eco-crusaders, Shannon follows the news not knowing that soon a deadly ultimatum will be issued to the people of earth ordering them to stop killing the planet or pay the ultimate cost. Can Shannon, an unlikely hero, save mankind?


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