Severe Clear by Stuart Woods

Publication Date: September 18, 2012


Severe Clear by Stuart WoodsIn Severe Clear by Stuart Woods, a government agency monitoring transmissions between Al-Qaeda operatives hears a transmission with two English words—The Arrington. Coincidentally, a hotel named The Arrington that will cater to the rich and famous is opening soon on the grounds of an estate once owned by famous movie star Vance Calder after whose widow the hotel is named. Stone Barrington, second husband of the late Arrington Calder, sharp-as-a-tack lawyer and general all around ladies’ man finds himself pulled into international intrigue to keep the Presidents of the U.S. and Mexico safe when they grace the hotel with a historic meeting on opening day. Severe Clear (Stone Barrington) is the twenty-fourth novel in the Stone Barrington series.


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