Night School by Lee Child

Publication Date: November 7, 2016


Night School by Lee ChildIn Night School by Lee Child, it’s 1996 and Reacher is coming off of a big win in his Army career when he’s sent to Night School. His classmates, an FBI Agent and CIA Analyst, have also just celebrated big successes in their careers. The trio soon learns that there have been shadowy whispers of an American and an act of terrorism on a scale the world has never known. Can they, with the help of Reacher’s trusted friend, Frances Neagley, stop the plot in time? Continue reading Night School by Lee Child

Ready to Were: Shift Happens Series Book One by Robyn Peterman

Publication Date: November 25, 2014



Essie is hot and a WTF (Werewolf Treaty Federation) happening agent working in Chicago when she’s asked to return to her hometown of Hung Island, Georgia to investigate a case of missing werewolves. When Essie packs her bags in the middle of the night and leaves town and a cheating ex behind, she never expected to see them again. Essie must solve the case quickly and avoid some very attractive demons from her past. [easyazon_link identifier=”0989496082″ locale=”US” tag=”rabidreaders-20″]Ready To Were: Shift Happens Series Book One (Volume 1)[/easyazon_link] is the first novel in the Shift Happens Series.


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Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean Oram

Publication Date: March 8, 2013


Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean OramIn Champagne and Lemon Drops by Jean Oram, Beth Wilkinson has always had very specific dreams growing up in Blueberry Springs. When her fiancé, Oz, breaks off their engagement so that he can find himself, Beth is determined to win him back. In her bid to win Oz back, Beth attracts the attention of Nash, the town’s dashing new doctor. Beth discovers love and her future may not be as simple as she thought.


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Husband Training School by Ruth Harris

June 18, 2014


Husband Training School by Ruth Harris

What do a retired efficiency expert, an all-star baseball player and a man who would procrastinate leaving his house if it was on fire have in common? They’re all driving their wives crazy. In Husband Training School by Ruth Harris, Former Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Robin Aguirre and her sister are happy to help. They own the Husband Training School and are determined to whip these lost causes into shape before their wives either divorce or kill them. Are the sisters up to the challenge?


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Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain

Publication Date: September 2, 2008


Sweetheart by Chelsea CainIn Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain, a dead body turns up in a park where Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer, left some of her victims. Archie Sheridan knows that there are no coincidences. He was Gretchen’s last victim, and he’s been doing well. He’s back with his family, no longer visiting her even if she does live constantly in his mind. Susan Ward is a junior reporter on the trail of a big break. She knows the victim and wants to work with Archie to bring justice to the victim. When Gretchen Lowell escapes from prison they all know that she will kill again, and they all know she’ll come for Archie. Can he survive the Beauty Killer a second time?


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The Innocent by David Baldacci

Publication Date: April 17, 2012


The Innocent by David BaldacciIn The Innocent by David Baldacci, Will Robie is a government assassin who likes to watch the normal people that live around him and hopes to live to be like them one day. To that end, he’s started attending neighbor events and has started a flirtation with an attractive woman across the hall. When he aborts his newest assignment due to a crisis of conscience only to find that his handler had a back-up plan, Robie goes on the run and meets a 14-year-old girl with people after her. Robie vows to find a way to keep her safe and, hopefully, save himself at the same time.



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Hollywood Station by Joseph Wambaugh

Publication Date: November 26, 2006


JW_Hollywood_StationIn Hollywood Station by Joseph Wambaugh, readers are introduced to the first Hollywood Station novel, to the colorful characters of the LAPD’s Hollywood division. While there is an overlying plot involving a jewelry store robbery, this book is more about the cop who is an aspiring actor, the wise and time-worn dispatcher, the breastfeeding mother returning to work and two cops who would rather be following the waves. As the Oracle says, “Police work can be the most fun you ever had.”




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A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom

A Touch of Greek (Out of Olympus Book 1) by Tina Folsom or Thoughts on Free Books and Self-Publishing

Publication Date: September 30, 2010


A Touch of Greek by Tina FolsomIn A Touch of Greek by Tina Folsom, the Greek god, Triton (son of Poseidon) is beautiful and selfish. He has an affair with Zeus’s mistress, and Zeus punishes him by stripping him of his powers and sending him to the mortal realm where a woman must love him for himself and not his beauty. The catch? He’s sent to the beauty-obsessed United States.



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