Other Systems by Elizabeth Guizzetti

Publication Date: April 1, 2012


EG_Other_SystemsAbigail Boyd-Lei is a teenager living on a dying Earth in the thirty-first century. She left school at 13 and lives in a tiny one-room apartment with her grandmother, parents and three siblings. When an alien race comes to Earth, they offer Abigail an escape and hope for the future. She can immigrate to a planet of bounty where all of her dreams will come true. Will the reality match her dreams? Cole Alekos is a humanoid hybrid and space explorer living in relative time. A few months in space can be decades on Earth. His son, Harden, has detached himself from society after the untimely suicide of his wife. Harden drinks and smokes too much and is generally not a good example for anyone. Can Harden and his crew protect Abby from formidable adversary and after what Abby has found in her new world, can she reconcile herself to the future?


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