Troubleshooter by Rod Lindsey

Publication Date: November 16, 2012


Troubleshooter by Rod LindseyIn Troubleshooter by Rod Lindsey, Ezra Hooten is a U.S. Marshall with a reputation for doing what he has to do to take down the bad guy. Hoot has spent the better part of his career trying to catch his childhood best friend, Norman, a “scalp collecting psychopath.” They were bound by blood. Hoot and Norman both loved Donna in childhood. Donna went on to marry Norman which was a bad choice as he brutally killed her a year into their marriage. Hoot is determined to track Norman down and put him back in jail before he retires and follows Norman to a strip club where Donna’s doppelgänger, Angela, works. It seems Norman sees her as Donna reborn and is determined to kill her again. Can Hoot catch Norman and save Angela?


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