The Spy’s Son by Bryan Denson

Release Date: May 5, 2015



Jim Nicholson was a veteran CIA agent and single father of three when he decided to sell secrets to the Russians for extra cash. While in jail, Jim saw the opportunity to continue his legacy and drafted his younger son, Nathan, in order to continue his association with the foreign power. Eager to please his father and trusting him implicitly, Nathan followed orders to his own detriment.


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The Innocent by David Baldacci

Publication Date: April 17, 2012


The Innocent by David BaldacciIn The Innocent by David Baldacci, Will Robie is a government assassin who likes to watch the normal people that live around him and hopes to live to be like them one day. To that end, he’s started attending neighbor events and has started a flirtation with an attractive woman across the hall. When he aborts his newest assignment due to a crisis of conscience only to find that his handler had a back-up plan, Robie goes on the run and meets a 14-year-old girl with people after her. Robie vows to find a way to keep her safe and, hopefully, save himself at the same time.



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