Black Sacrament (Part 1 Creatures of Fire Serial) by J.B. Brooklin

Publication Date: July 28, 2012


Black Sacrament (Part 1 Creatures of Fire Serial) by J.B. BrooklinIn Black Sacrament (Part 1 Creatures of Fire Serial) by J.B. Brooklin, Alexander is a fire demon sent to kill Harold Baldwin when he meets Harold’s ward, his niece, Sariel. He has a deep and immediate attraction to the teenage girl. Distraction could mean death for Alexander. Can he survive and save Sariel from a danger she doesn’t yet realize she faces?




I wanted to read something fun and scary for Halloween and, as we know, my review was delayed due to unforeseeable circumstances. The description of this novel on Amazon drew my attention:

Sariel Baldwin, orphan and niece of the New York banker Harold Baldwin, is just about to recover from the loss of her parents when she meets Alexander, a fire demon set out to avenge murder … (Amazon).

Sounds interesting, right? Not so much. This first installment focusing on Sariel and Alexander was clichéd. They meet; he’s attracted and it scares him so he’s rude and walks away, but he must come back — BUT ALAS, she’s the niece of the man he’s sent to kill! A strangely dangerous and powerful man! She stomps her foot, she weeps, she acts like an unbalanced child — and everything must induce a gaping-mouth moment. There are big statements one after another of discovery.

In Black Sacrament (Part 1 Creatures of Fire) may sound as though it was a bust, but a funny thing happened halfway through the book — this reader was pulled into the storyline. Sariel has a secret that we discover and her uncle wants to use her for that secret, but Harold is one seriously good bad guy. I wanted to know more of his story. I want to read on and find out how he communicated to his dog that Sariel should not leave her room. Why does he need guards when he seems so powerful himself?

I still don’t care much for Sariel and Alexander. They are the worst of romance novel stereotypes. He’s 100 and she’s 19; she’s stomping her foot and saying she’s had enough of men telling her what to do and he’s worrying over a Morrocan Tagine. He sleeps and she slips away. I’m hoping they get some help over the course of the next novels because I plan to read them. I must know what happens next with the super baddie, Uncle Harold!

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