First, I Love You (The Downey Trilogy) by Genevieve Dewey

Publication Date: September 27, 2012


First, I Love You (The Downey Trilogy) by Genevieve DeweyIn First, I Love You (The Downey Trilogy) by Genevieve Dewey, Tommy Gates is investigating his first big case involving organized crime. Complicating his case is his estranged biological father, Mickey, a retired mob boss. Weathering meddling half-siblings and suspicious co-workers, can Tommy solve his big case or will he lose it all? First, I Love You (The Downey Trilogy) is the first novel in the Downey Family Trilogy.



This first novel feels like a solid set-up for the rest of the series, but it can be difficult to follow at times because the focus is divided between five different characters — each of whom has a lot going on in their lives and past. There are moments of brilliance — Kiki’s memories of her father writing to her brother over the years, and her clear love and admiration for him and moments that are not so wonderful. Some of the dialogue is unnatural and overused in literature along the lines of  “Darn it, Jim, you’re out of control! You’re off the case!” (Mickey’s interaction with Mary down is one example).

I was a bit thrown off by the age of the main characters. Tommy struck me as too young to be in his position, even with powerful people behind him. In fiction, a reader must often employ a suspension of disbelief, and we know that authors must often leave room in series for their characters to age, but he just struck me as too young. Ginny also seems too young to be in her position, and she didn’t have powerful people behind her — just her improbably high-heeled shoes. If you want to be underestimated, wear impractical heels that cause you to race and huff to keep up with the big boys.

I will be honest with you, readers, it took me a while to get into this one, but once I did, I believe, I’ll read the next. Dewey knows these characters and lovingly crafted them. There was a lot to convey to us, and now that’s out of the way, she’s able to get on with the business of a well-plotted and well-crafted tale.

While I found some of Dewey’s content choices questionable, she does give us a set-up for a story that will become a really strong family epic. First, I Love You (The Downey Trilogy) is a complete story with meat left on the plate for the novels that will follow. The second novel in the Downey Trilogy, Second of All: (The Downey Trilogy 2) was released in January of this year.

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