Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy, Volume 1) by Leeland Artra

Publication Date: January 29, 2013


LA_Thread_Silvers_1Ticca is a new Dagger (mercenary) looking to prove herself. Lebuin is a journeyman who is not sure if he’s suited to the role. Together, with Leubin’s servant they are stalked by an ancient evil. In a world of magic anything can happen.




The author, Leeland Artra, provided me with a copy of this novel in exchange for a review.

[easyazon-link asin=”B00B7ZCEQK” locale=”us”]Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy)[/easyazon-link] is the first novel in a trilogy. This is a novel where a reader must start at the end. Artra included a comprehensive lexicon of information regarding the world the reader will enter. This listing is a must read for those looking to go into the story informed about the elaborate world that Artra has created. The feeling of Artra’s world is very English Regency layered with magic. Three Princes rule their tightly run world power.

I did from time to time get the sense of a commentary on contemporary mores. That sense of otherness could be the folly of a reader trained to look between the lines and perhaps seeing things that are not there. Enhancing the written world are beautifully drawn illustrations. [easyazon-link asin=”0615771181″ locale=”uk”]Thread Slivers: 1 (Golden Threads Trilogy)[/easyazon-link] has a definite sense of place and time.

One of my favorite elements of [easyazon-link asin=”B00B7ZCEQK” locale=”us”]Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy)[/easyazon-link] was the lead female character. Ticca is a very strong and driven female. She desperately wants the approval of her superiors and peers. Ticca’s need is to be the best she can be, and her long-held and achieved wish is to be a Dagger and to fit in with her Dagger peers. She relishes sitting at the Dagger table in the Blue Dolphin though when she does, the other Daggers don’t sit with her. So much for acceptance at the cool table. None of that matters once the story gets going. Seems the life of a Dagger, or at least Ticca’s life, is as dangerous, but less glamorous than she might have imagined when she’s hired to protect and escort Lebuin.

When Ticca, Lebuin and his servant Ditani come together, no one is quite sure who to trust which adds an element of excitement for the reader. When faced by the ancient evil, will one of them betray the others? We do get a bounty of internal dialogue to the point where it is a bit much but we don’t really get to know the characters as a result. As much as we know about the trio, much of who they are develops over the course of this story so that the ending feels less a cliffhanger and more like we’ve only read half of the first novel. [easyazon-link asin=”0615771181″ locale=”us”]Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy) (Volume 1)[/easyazon-link] really feels as though it ends at an awkward place. It must be difficult for an author creating such a completely new world to self-edit and contain the facts necessary to lay out a cohesive world and strong characters. Artra’s writing style lends itself to a promise of an interesting future in, at times, laborious first novel.

If you are a lover of epic fantasy, you will find [easyazon-link asin=”0615771181″ locale=”us”]Thread Slivers (Golden Threads Trilogy) (Volume 1)[/easyazon-link] by Leeland Artra a solid start to a promising series. The second novel in the series is out this month.

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